Krul unskilled or troll ?!

I got a guy playing krul twice in a row in ranked 3v3 and lost both matches

Like I’ve seen kruls going full damage and fight 1v3 feeding
Or the kruls who don’t know how to fight

But this krul actually made me think , because in both matches he was against Melee junglers and he was losing 1v1 , and btw he had breaking point !

Like I played krul a lot , the only thing bothers me is when enemy laner rotate
This guy was alone fighting enemy jungler and dying , like how ?!
I didn’t even check the replays , it was insane !

I downvoted him as a troll , but if someone thinks he is unskilled please tell me how ?!

We dont have image of the match, builds, comps… nothing, how do you pretend us to judge?

I’m scared of Krul. Because you either snowball hard OR FAIL so miserably. It’s like Gambling. That’s why even trolls and newbies play him, because they’re just praying and wishing they’ll snowball hard.

All they do is attack, attack and attack. Die, die and die. A smart krul will be positioning well, Farming up well and NOT Dieing.

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If I say taka losing to a Skye do you still need further details ?!
In both matches he was in krul heaven , I play krul and reim and I know the Melee heaven , if I was krul in both matches I would destroy everything and be so fed , the only thing could stop him is enemy rotating but I didn’t let that happen , I pressured lane so hard both matches , like I could understand if he is in a 3v1 situation where everything could go down and he dies , but he was 1v1 , like I could assume he was basic attacking then run a bit then basic attack so he made himself not sustaining to keep fighting , like that what I think made him die , if he fights like a worthy foe he could win , like if just attacked the enemy and dropped the device he could win ?!