Kraken gold bounty

I destroyed an incoming kraken today and saw no change in my gold. Is this a bug or a change? My gold was at 200 when killing it. Normally you get a big bounty. There are no downsides to sending in a kraken now. Any hit it will do is worth it. no more 1500 gold for the team to kill it…

That sounds like a bug could you screen shoot it if it happens again.

Deffo not a bug. The gold bounty of 500 for killing enemy Kraken is gone in my game too. Perhaps a game changes not listed in the patch.

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I think it ensures snowballing. To shorten 3v3.
Kraken is also easier to take on in my experience.

Can confirm.
Comebacks are a lot harder in 3v3 now

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Ugh. I really hope this isn’t intentional. The surrender rate is already stupid high, imo. :saw:

I had a huge snowball today. Enemy team killed 2 krakens and received jack shit for it.

It was awesome on our side but sad for them

Also the matchmaker is a lot quicker and a lot less accurate. 200+ vst is no problem…

They lost out on 3k gold bounty…

I definitely agree about the matchmaker … not to use bad language, but it reminds me of matchmaking in Mobile Legends :confounded:


Here we go again with these changes SEMC.

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@Xaldarian what website is’that?

You’re welcome!


Just checked a replay team gold doesn’t noticably change after killing a kraken. I saw 100 gold difference on the team balance which might have been caused through minion deaths. Kraken is worthless to kill now!

I definitely have not been getting any bounty for killing the Kraken and I’ve played 3v3 exclusively for the past few days.

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Indeed… Kraken is now a push unit without risk. From 1500 gold to 0 is insane… You can use kraken to split push enemy jungle in 3v3…

Yeah it’s defo not a ug, happens consistently now.

I’m suprised, it’s gping to lead to some massive snow balling as a team whose most likely already ahead (he’ll they released the Kracken) receive additional gold for turrets etc.

They need to rethink this, it’s going to make comebacks incredible hard, making early game hero’s even stronger as snowballing becomes a legit go to strategy.

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I mean if it is a bug it would still happen consistently. I hope it is a bug cause it would throw off 3v3’s balance so much further off course it would actually ruin it for me It still feels fine for me.

The gold deficit between teams is huge. Normally when you stop 2 krakens you gain 3k gold.

Now the enemy team gets gold while they farm/kill turrets and all your damage to kraken is in vain.