Koshka's viability

Scrolling through the hero tab upgrading talents,just to realize I haven’t played koshka since 3~4 patches ago.I used to play her a lot back in the old days,so I decided to pick her up and try her again.
After playing a bot match along with 2~3 blitz matches,I don’t really feel powerful playing her,so before I go using her in an actual game,can someone tell me how good she is now in the current meta?

Are you good at dive heroes? are you good at playing aggressively? Do you stutter step like a pro? Do you know how to rotate in and out of jungle??

if you answered all yes, then she’s highly viable. i’ve been winning with her.

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I think she’s a secret top pick like Ozo.


However she is rather easy to use compared to Ozo lol.


Ok then,I don’t really “feel” any burst damage coming from her compared to other assassins though,probably just me I guess.

Any viable builds to recommend?

SG, AS, BM. SH. Journey Boots. Depending on how confident you are, you can get away with going full damage, but you really need boots.

if the game drags out too long, you really need the Slumbering Husk. Sometimes i rush boots before BM. depending on if the enemy built armor or not.

Just practice in casuals. it’s much better than blitz. it’ll give you a better understanding.

I’ve seen that the recommended build had dragon’s eye in it,is that a good item for her?

if it drags out to the late game and you’re not getting targeted, then yes.

but playing koshka is all about snowballing early… so I wouldn’t build it.

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It’s not, was before the DE nerf, but back then it was always DE>SG. Right now it’s the oposite and mostly SG is picked with rare exceptions. On assasins SG.

Ozo’s easy to use for me personally too. His extremely tanky and can dive comps better then tanks while having half the defense. At least in this meta of barriers and heals that stays true but who knows what the future holds?

Oh and before you get lost being able to dive entire teams with little to know worry overall just makes a character easier since characters like Koshka will have to wait for the perfect timing to dive and take out a carry or if she wants stun down a tank who dive to deep. More impactful decision making which is really the hardest part especially in soloque when you have to learn how your teammates play in the first 5 minutes to have a greater chance. While Ozo does take more percise button clicking that can easily be attained through muscle memory while smart decision making is always a learning especially since you’re always moving up and down the latter with crazier or calmer players. So Koshka’s harder in this meta IMO but whateves.

Don’t really feel burst damage? Because your combo might be wrong.

Correct combo is: B outside combat -> wait a bit to let B half-reseted -> A -> AA Twice -> B again -> AA Twice -> Ultimate -> B again -> AA Twice.

Now that a hugeeeee damage.

P/s: Aftershock got nerfed and its her core item so… yeah, she is having less impact than usual, but still great if you want a hit-and-run assassin with a barrier.

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What mode are you playing? She is still queen of jungle in 3v3. Especially with recent direct and indirect buffs. If they buff her even more for 5v5 she’d be unbeatable in 3v3.

I feel like u need to play aggressive and gank lanes and turret dive to start to snowball one the enemy team. If not, then koshka starts to fall behind

I still like Koshka. She’s good for jumping in and out of the fight . She doesnt quite disintegrate targets on the fist jump, but the pattern is A-B-flee then turn it around and do it again.

I generally build SG, CW, then Journey Boots for her. I prefer Clockwork over AS, since it drops her cooldowns which helps her get in and out of the fight (then back in) and keeps her fortified health up more.

Mostly you just need to keep hopping back into the fight from different angles until someone separates, then you kill them.