Kinetic is smooth

Kinetic has a very low required skill floor, her skill cap is probably through the roof though.

Her B is smoother than Vox’ sonic zoom. It feels better than Idris’ blink.

I don’t know how they made her this slick but I love it.
Her kit seems super basic but the depths of chaining attacks and skills is enormous especially for WP she is dangerous when she uses her B she can reach almost anyone.

Her C is like Ringos ult but bodyblockable and way way cooler

Have fun guys.

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Worst hero yet, her perk doesn’t Crit, her animations are abysmally horrible, she barely moves at all… It looks like they just recycled her walking animation. Disappointment 100. And her skills are even more stale than I initially thought 3/10


This is what I’m talking about I’ve been telling SEMC smoothen out heroes forever at least they’re doing it to the new heroes. Kinetic is about to be one of my favorite heroes along with Malene because of it. I’d just wish they did the same with Baptiste’s A-skill’s animations, Lance’s C-skill animations, and all of Baron’s animations.

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They have the ability to do it as well, prime example being Reza. I think they should just fix dashes and all of Baron and all of Lorelai. I feel like if they fix (not really broken) Bad Mojo it’ll result in some insane unexpected poke damage and “kiting.” His Ordain though seriously needs a fix like they delayed it so much more it feels like you have to predict the ability first instead of what the enemy hero will do.

Exit is that way my dude :point_right:


And now you know to never use CP Kinetic… Her CP ratios are ground-breakingly bad… Except her ult

It is just a stack stack stack then BOOM playstyle. Some probably find that fun…

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You’re just bad… (That Kinetic has a horrible build without any damage)

I went 8/5/3 without understanding her kit until halfway through the match…

Judging how good a hero is on one match (and a blitz at that ) isn’t a good idea

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Her B is the scary skill not the C… A B A can rip a hole in the fabric of existence. The secondary A has immense range and is a skillshot. Her entire kit can be bodyblocked. Landing anything will require skill and manouvrability.

Lance is a hard counter and so is Phinn.

Lance can Gythian wall her ult and walk away as if it was nothing.

She is a great addition to the game and doesn’t feel broken or OP. A new hero that is actually playable instead of permabanned is a delight.

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I judged it after having a loss with her in my team based off of the damage ratios, did you even read my reply?

Clock work and Eve together means no damage…

What about DE and BM? Those deal tons of damage together

What is her WP path like though, is it broken AAs or actually balanced/verge of OP but not permaban? Haven’t been able to play the update yet I am just assuming hehe.

Only in a drawn out fight where you keep damaging enemies. Not even 300 cp with 4 crystal items is a joke…

She seems like a good CD BP stacker. Spellsword+BP as core.

Your opinions are so weird sometimes…


The build for kinetic is wrong lmao…


I don’t know everything and I love to be proven wrong. It means I learned something and am one step closer to full knowledge of the matter.

However that doesn’t happen too often.

Sometimes you have to agree to disagree.

This sounds like the bad review i saw on when im on a online shopping :laughing: