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Kinetic is mislabeled as melee in hero details screen


Well, Kinetic is a ranged hero but here it reads Offense (Melee). WTF SEMC?


Where does it say melee anywhere in that screenshot?


Nevermind I found it. Lol I guess I am still asleep in the brain. Haha


Offense (Melee) right there…


Sorry bud! Missed it. Haha (see edit)


Stop with the clickbait, please. If your titles are really vague, I’m going to start deleting your posts instead of fixing them for you.


Maybe it was her original concept and then they concluded its too much like Kensei, the way she holds her weapon makes it look like a javelin.


But it’s clearly shown in the spotlight that it’s a fricking laser gun. Duh…


Original concept = Spotlight


It’s still a ranged hero nonetheless, ya know?

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