Kinetic 2 Electric Boogaloo


Silvernail (Who is not going to be OP lolol)
745 Health at level 1 (Higher than Kinetic, the previous record holder for a ranged carry)
145 Base WP Level 12 (Highest of ANY SNIPER. Loses to Samuel and Skaarf but they don’t WP anyway)
6.4 Range (Higher than Ringo omegalul. We thought this was going to be a Vox range sniper)
3.5 Movespeed (Which is as fast as Reim. Nice try old man)
Tripwires have a 7.5 Second Uptime When Active On Overdrive
Oh and a 50% slow go fucc yourself. 8 second charge time.
His B has a 100% scaling with WP (Why not) with 11 RANGE ON OVERDRIVE
His ultimate at max rank is on a 30 SECOND COOLDOWN and gives him a 100% scaling on his double shot when maxed (60% with no points in ult, then 80%/90%/100%)

I just LOVE the ranged creep in Vainglory. Just ADORE it. Love how this character who we thought was going to have a low damage kit actually has all the scalings he could ever need. Love how this character has the JUICIEST base stats they could squeeze onto him.

:clap: No :clap: Matter :clap: How :clap: Hard :clap: We :clap: Try :clap: There :clap: Is :clap: No :clap: Escape :clap:
CC Meta is coming.


Instaban everywhere… I don’t want to try to face this new hero with a melee one


Yah, I can’t see him getting through draft under any circumstance.


Time to spam baron and send him to the underworld.


Did u get Electric Boogaloo from DIMTI? Now that I mention it where has my boi @DIMTI been?


Why do you assume that Skaarf has no WP power path?


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