Keybinds + clicking on PC is an exhausting issue that I hope is ironed out sooner than later


Keybinds, identifying keybinds, the clicking/highlighting and generally performing actions feels tedious at times - especially when I need it to work.

This PC version runs so well, and rarely do I find bugs (sans the bug where 5v5 doesn’t load correctly after hero selection) but these are things that I believe should be fixed.

Worst part of it all, is that none of this stuff is ever actually that bad until matches reach those high-tension points.

I wonder if you can use AutoHotKey with the PC version …


This is an off-tangent idea, but can people just change which keys express which key?

By that I mean that can people just change the ‘A’ (or any other key they like) to be the ‘Q’ key (A ability key)?

I know it’ll be screwy to try and will mess with your keyboard, but it’s one way one could try, no?

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That’s exactly what AutoHotKey lets you do – it’s amazingly powerful:

I haven’t tried it with VG myself, though … just wondering if anyone had done so.


Looks promising, I’ll give it a go later.

I find it awkward in general to play on PC (too many keys, I’ve never been good at typing even) but VG seemed decent. Is there something weird about the setup of the keys that’s uncommon in other MOBAs? Or is it just people’s personal preferences?

You can + a lot of the more expensive keyboard has key mapping (even macros that can make combos on certain heroes devastating and 100% success) per app.

It’s pretty much identical to most MOBAs I’ve played with the exception of the button to open the shop, which I think is different for most MOBAs.