Kensei is just a beast (my unofficial penta kill)

I am really going to one trick this hero that build is too disgusting!!


Also this is a wrong section

Sorted! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just remember next patch he will be nerfed

lol. shhhh… I’ve been resisting the urge to brag and boast about his ridiculous rare talent.

His perk is just so good. ok… shhhhh… no more comments

But how can you nerf him he’s super weak early and needs 3 items to spike. If anything they need to nerd these items or nerf his late game. Early game he can be shut down easy.

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Easy to Nerf late game by adjusting base stats than adjust level up bonus stats abilities you can directly change each level stats

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He actually only needs 1 item and level 6 to spike hard. Sorrow Blade is a huge spike if you build it first, add a BP and defense and its GG.

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Yeah I tested him in practice and solod blackclaw

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He is a beast at soloing dragons. I think he actually does it better than Rona and Krul.

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No, I believe Krul is still the 1v1 King. but only by the slightest of margins. Almost dead equal.

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Out of curiosity I had to test it! Lol

Krul: Poisoned shiv, Breaking Point, Shiversteel
Ghostwing: 9 second take
Blackclaw: 22 second take

Kensei: Poisoned shiv, Breaking Point, Sorrowblade
Ghostwing: 9 second take
Blackclaw: 15 second take

Dead even on Ghostwing! However Kensei cut through Blackclaw surprisingly faster than Krul. I will attribute this to Blackclaws HP being higher, so Kensei has the edge against him.

No stutterstepping used for the test, just flat basic attacks combined with Kruls A and B, and Kenseis A and B.

Sorrowblade would’ve given him that extra damage as well.


However, for my test I used common build paths to simulate a take from a live game.

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welp. . . that settles it. . . the new 1v1 king is Kensei, the dragon taker . . . Please don’t nerf him semc. -.-


I got a feeling like Kenseis “training wheels” are definitely being taken off next patch. Lol