Kek i got tony and baptiste skins free for going worlds

So apparently those who went to worlds on day 1 are still getting free skins. So far the skins ive gotten are heartless alpha, anubis baptiste, kyudo kestrel, steel knight tony, red lantern gwen and reza, and LE golden netherknight lance. Damm 7 free skins. Anyone kept track of how many skins SEMC promised to give out as compensation to those who went to worlds?

I can’t even like that man. It is sick…

Gratz though…

Meanwhile I got the Tony skin in the bundle…


Compensation? What, did they screw up worlds? What is this shit…

What if you already had the skins?

3 opals duplicate compensation

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Oh yay 3 opals only 147 more to go for the cheapest skin

Don’t think of it as 147 opals, think of it as 49 blueprints! You’ll get it in NO time!


Oh i missed out Vox on ice. And rip thats all the free skins we get.

lol. the sense of balance with these things is so out of whack.

7 Free skins for going to worlds, but they didn’t plan for an event for the release of 5v5 for the new players? Especially after the golden ticket event? What the…not saying I’m not grateful, not saying 7 free skins is too high a number, just saying that’s some hardcore disconnect on incentivizing.

Yes there’s appreciation for the hardcore fans, but you gotta reel everyone else in too with more than just awesome looks & strategic gameplay. But not go overboard and toss everything out for free. There’s gotta be some baiting going on, it’s the nature of business.

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If i remember correctly they made a promise on the first day of worlds to give everyone a free skin whenever the event had to pause or something. But SEA being SEA that happened 7 times and yay 7 free skins.

I see. That’s a…weird promise to make. But I guess…lol SEA seems to have a lot of issues…being NA, the only lag I really get is that weird thing when you rub up against an object like a wall or turret a certain way and start stuttering for each time you did. Truly odd, as I don’t remember that happening until a patch some time ago.

Lucky I’m in NA and if 5 or more characters are on the screen goodbye smoothness