Just got trash talked

Relax guys this isn’t salt mine.

So I just had my first hand experience with getting trash talked by someone after the match.

I just wanted to know if I handled it well. What can I do to avoid this? Any suggestions are welcome IMG_4624IMG_4623IMG_4622IMG_4621IMG_4620IMG_4619

He continues saying how he is friends with quinvois (I don’t know the exact name but I remember he plays for impunity) which doesn’t prove anything about his skill.

For more context let me explain the last bit where he tells that I died near the armoury. Our vain was at 20% hit points and was being attcked by kensei. It was only me and baron defending it. I died keeping the vain alive and we all know what a late game monster is kensei. You can also check my last ranked 5v5 match to get better glimpse of who did better.

Also I wonder how he could get to tier 10 in 5 days as he said it (I don’t have a screenshot)

Edit 1: @HipsterSkaarf here is the edited version.
Editing credit goes to @Aducard(thanks bud)

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To answer your question… probably best to not accept that friend request at all.

Also, can you edit the names out? Even if someone is proven to be in the wrong, we really don’t want player-shaming here on the forums.

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Lol nice “I’m blind” comment you autistic fucktard!!! :crazy_face:
I’ll own up and say Ive done this on occasion to people (I’m ashamed) but it’s really not worth doing, nothing to be gaine by it, if anything you’ll only get more annoyed.

However I always accept requests just for the bants, ppl rant, just point out the stupidity of their rant and th get more annoyed.

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Wrong approach, this is instigating it further.

Best solution is to troll him politely

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True, that is pretty good, actually

Should have said “amazed im at you tier level given I’m just here blindly mashing keys”.


I will edit in the morning I can’t use my pc at the moment

Plenty of screenshots, you can report to smec. BTW, go more for troll and aggro action next time, the results are always hilarious and you can laugh at them with your friends/clan. That’s the best way to handle people like him/her/them /ze/ten. But the “I’m blind” line is hilarious

BTW, if you don’t wanna get trash talked then do what I do: If a player is so forgettable that you don’t remember their name, then don’t accept the friend request

Alright. You’ll have to re-upload edited versions then. Originals are gone for the time being.

How does one “troll politely” teach me sensei

It’s to make fun and mislead someone instead of roasting them with sarcasm I think.

“You deaf or blind”

“I’m Dimitri, nice to meet you”

Saying random things without actually even mildly insulting the suspect

Oh I should probably add something to the topic instead of bumping so uh, um, yeah. Always do the troll thing without insulting! Way to go, kids!

I add someone, i usually tell them their mistake and tell them not to do it in future game…

Sometime they take it nicely or somwtimes, they will say bad stuff.

If they add me, it usually because i am bad at the hero and I had no heros that I like to choose from draft or was force to swap. Etc

And they will go on huge rant wishing me death threats lol and I will laugh back at then

Once someone was berating me and I just said “gg buddy” lol

I add people after games and tell them their mistakes with details if they want
Trash talking , and delete the game , and iam better than you is not actually true , because if you good enough you could carried that game , we just here to teamwork and win.

That is what I tried to tell him but he just kept on calling me autistic and dumb. I wish I reupload the pics but I’m too lazy to remove the players name.

Send me in pms, I can edit them out in no-time

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