Just got the churnwalker skin

I mean the splash art is kewl but I mean the in game is meh?? I rather use the default skin to be honest. Seriously, SEMC missed an opportunity to make a cthulhu type churnwalker summer skin. I already have it all imagined in my head already

Model change: ChurnWalker has a octopus body with tentacles as hooks and sea life over him

Animation: New animation, sounds, and a new walk (I’m thinking of that pirate walk krul has on his pirate skin)

I suck at drawing lol but this is the concept? Either way why am I typing this even though this is about ChurnWalker rare skin? Idk I just hope they make cooler skins for my main lmao


Yay for tentacles!!! :octopus:


YES, exactly, his skin is also purple.

i got gifted the skin in a chest as well. the game really wants the clown to be used more. lol.

sorry, but i aint using it unless its a BR.