Jungle is too ez

I have played some ranked 3v3 a couple days ago (Please SEMC balance 3v3 more it is still a great mode) and noticed jungle camps are EXTREMELY squishy rn there. It’s practically impossible to punish counter jungling cause you can take them so quickly and recall back to base that it’s near impossible to react especially against heroes like Koshka. They need to make jungle monsters tankier in 3v3

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I don’t think so, that is what allows for more variety of junglers like jungle Samuel, kensei, things like that. Making them tangier would lead to us having only those tanky utility heroes that abuse SC, so no thanks.

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I mean make them a bit tankier. As they are right now they’re absurdly squishy

How about remove SC from 3v3 and make jungle camps slightly tankier?

What would it change? You would kill every late game hero as you would need high base damage to farm, which will benefit immensely early game heroes, which are already broken in that mode, so no thanks.

um, are we just going to ignore this is how the jungle used to work, and that it was mostly dominated by mages for long periods of time? Without stormcrown base damage junglers actually struggle because with no way to scale their damage they clear extremely slowly. Sen Feng without SC has a terrible clear speed compared to someone like Skaarf after 3-4m.

San Feng isn’t a hero that builds damage, so I’m okey with that, a utility hero with no damage items shouldn’t deal more damage than a hero that invest into damage.

Which is different to how it works now, so things that in the past would work don’t necessary work now. Why would you try to fix a problem of the past that isn’t now? Making a jungle more difficult for mages when mages aren’t being played in it makes no sense.

Koshka would completely dominate 3v3 if that became the case. SC in its own is fine. Jungle just needs a bit more defense imo

Koshka already dominates the mode.

Even moreso if those changes were live lol

My point is removing stormcrown would make the jungle far more friendly to carry junglers like mages and hurt base damage heroes. The impression that stormcrown is somehow the thing enabling carry junglers is false, it enables base damage and tanks in jungle.

Why? Almost no one builds SC in 3v3. There is no point in doing so, you deal true damage to them as they have 0 defence (literally, it was removed).

That’s what I said.

Or… what about reducing their health, increasing their armor, and making SC damage per second instead of burst damage, as how it was before? So utility and low clear speed heroes like CP Glaive or CP Taka can be played in jungle.

Oh wait! But this is how it was before they made all that shiny changes to 3v3!

Matter of perspective. 5s jungle is WAYYY too tanky. There was one patch where 3s jungle was ruined by making it tanky.

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