Joule for all

I know it’s early in the weekend, but I’m still surprised noone has complained about this weekend’s mode yet. We’ve had loads of one for all already, when are we getting ARAM and Blitz Classic?

Not to mention the fact that it’s literally just Joule. Seriously SEMC do you expect people to actually play a game like this? Ok, I may have enjoyed the first game, but after that it’s just the same thing over and over again. It gets boring really quickly.


Amen. I did the three matches I needed for the sunlight rewards, and I won’t be playing it any more.


I agree One for All mirrors are interesting. Just Joule is… eh.

At least the first two were fun. My team won from behind both of those times.

Third time was pure decimation from the enemy team.

Hopefull, we get all the approved roster of One For All at one point and have many different mirror matches. That will at least stem the boredom the mode has a bit.

That said, the best thing is of course the Sunlight rewards. This weekend’s gains bumped me up to Level 85. So, three more weekends at that’s it. I even have 50 levels of rewards I haven’t claimed yet cause I wanted to stagger the boosts (both Sunlight and Glory) to the right days where I am likely to play a lot and also get the Sinister Seven pay out.

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I did it for the sunlight rewards and then gave up. Tbh, I don’t particularly like the mirror matches. I mean I suppose there’s no way they can be unbalanced, but they’re just so same-y. I rather have some different interactions.


Right? I just don’t feel like the ‘community’ asked for a mirror. Where does SEMC go for their community feedback? Polls? Reddit?


From my experience SEMC get their feedback from a coin toss…


I’m not very good, so I probably had to play about seven matches before I checked off the win.

Pure. Hell.

Nobody asked for this, SEMC.


It actually took me 3 matches before i realised it was a Joule event. Wasn’t impressed after the 2nd so the 3rd was a slog. Did like the sunlight rewards but i won’t be encouraged to play again with just Joule. Also one for all has the negative aspect of matchmaking being an actual nightmare soooooo no.

Thing is I don’t think matchmaking is as bad if it’s all one hero. The pony was people kept dodging cause they didn’t get the hero they wanted, but if it’s all just Joule…

well that’s looking on the bright side anyway.

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Tbh, I was kinda excited about one for all, but then I hated it cause it was basically a 10-20 minutes game of rock, paper & scissors…

Maybe not everyone in the community, but I’m sure a lot of people asked for mirrored matches to make things more fair and thus, funnier and more enjoyable.

I played this Joule event only 2 times and it was really funny for me, most fun I had with the game for a while when playing solo…
Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be playing it much more but that’s only because vg as a whole isn’t appealing to me and I don’t play as much as I used to, but didn’t get any bad taste from the gamemode. If I were more into the game, I would be playing it lots.

Ofc this is just my opinion, so ofc you have your own given it’s a matter of preferences, just wanted to share mine.
Insert random screenshot for bragging purposes :lyra:

I had fun in the first match I played, as we came from behind to win. The second was fun even though we lost because I ended up (by chance) on the same team as @HipsterSkaarf. The third was a chore, however, because I am not a very good Joule at all, and it was pretty monotonous by then – especially as I seemed to be facing people with lots of mastery stars on their Joules.

I think I’d enjoy a mirrored match if it was a hero I liked playing more than Joule. But I also might get similarly bored, because the play is not exactly varied in those kinds of matches.

This was the worst one for all for me.

Seeing as they made it a mirror match there is no real reason not to use the entire roster, that would’ve shaken it up a lot. There was no discount box to go with this one and these have dictated the roster previously

Bring on ARAM. Classic blitz I feel won’t be a thing as they didn’t mention it in the most recent notes.

Also called as “whoever they want to listen to in reddit”, but never the entire community or even a significant part. It came mostly due to last event with baron, most people complained because, let’s be real, baron had no chance. Against reza, BF, Skye, and Yates? A hero with 42% win rate against hard counters lol. And instead of maybe making a roster where one of the heroes has no chance, they decided to make it mirror.

I’m seriously loving all Joule . OMG the triple stuns . the Kills. the evades. the Jumps over walls. it’s hella fun.

What’s not to love ? you must be getting some newb joule players.

Nah, a game or to is hilarious! The problem is it’s the same thing over and over it gets boring quite quickly. What would work is, if it has to be mirrored, which tbh I don’t like but anyway, is if it were still a random hero. So everyone on both teams gets the same hero, but it can be any hero.

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thats all i really play these days, so i don’t have the problem of getting stale

polls, reddit, twitter, discord, community feedback sent to them, any outlet in which the community has contact with SEMC.

Ik they internally compile feedback and send it out to relevant developers. I personally saw a lot of people asking for mirror matches, or asking why they were not included in the first place on reddit, and friends when I was chatting on VC mentioned mirror match ups would be fun.

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