Joule CP ratio for her ult needs a nerf

In patch 2.12 SEMC reduced the CD of her ult and the base damage to compensate for it but I’m damn sure that they forgot to reduce the CP ratio and now Joule CP is an absolute melt machine in 3v3 (I’m poor AF so no golden tickets). I think that they should reduce the CP ratio, maybe from 350% to 335%

Her ult is her only reliable source of damage without putting herself in a dangerous spot, yet it’s still pretty easy to dodge or leave the hitbox. Besides CP Joule’s play style is to delete carries as fast as possible, so nerfing her ult would go against her kit. In my opinion she’s pretty balanced currently.


This, if the ult is nerfed, she will be kinda underpowered and lose her identity.

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i think that there are enough ways to play around her. unless she is with a coordinated team, you shouldnt really get hit by her full ult.

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Yeah but the CD is too low. You can delete a person then 2 Thunder strikes somebody to reset its cooldown with a Clockwork

Yes but in a world with Clockwork her ult needs a nerf or just revert the changes to 2.11 for her (exxept the WP ratio for her B)

Nope she won’t be cuz Clockwork says hello

cw just got a nerf in cp.
and just by staying in motion you can stop her from doing anything.

my tip: play her. show us that she is really broken and that you can easily rely on her to move up in the tiers.

cw just lost 20 cp and joule lost 300 damage on her base damage.

just to get that lost damage back, she needs 85 cp. cw does only provide ~half of that, making her overall damage output lower.

nope. still on 15s cooldown
and thunderstrike is still a skill shot you have to land.

in the end, the balance will never again revolve around the 3v3 and the only cp joule i have seen in 5v5 did very poorly. huge problems in the lane against a mobile carry and every stun in the game is on a lower cooldown than her ult.

if she really is op, you would have to put some more arguments to it than just “she has cw”.


She has a 10s reduction in her ult cooldown so overall damage in long term is somewhat increased
And also, CW reduces your cooldown by 7,5% every 2s if you hit your target and conveniently your B only has a cooldown of 2s

the 7.5% make a difference of 1.65s on her cooldown.
she still needs ~6 hits aka 12s until her ult is up again. 12s continuously fighting someone close to her.
good luck surviving that long without some really mad skill.

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Joule has seen practically zero play since the Celeste, Cath, Joule comp 2-2.5 years ago. Her CP path is actually weaker than last patch for 3v3. CP is fun to play in 5v5 because the typical enemy comp is 3 squishy laners and an assassin. Even then she is stuck under turret until SG. For 3v3 you shouldn’t be having an issue with her. Buy a RB and walk out of her BRB. CW moves her BRB to 22 sec. Can she Ult twice in a team fight, yes. Should you be eating a full Ult, no.

Why don’t you post the match you struggled in and maybe we can offer suggestions.


Have you tried counter building? You just have to expect BRB and her leap anytime you play against her and avoid bottle necks.

Ok ok folks. It’s just a small reduction not that much and also, the dudes I randomly play with in SEA don’t have brains and they don’t know how to take advantages. The match-up with the enemy Joule I got a BF on my team that Rose Offensive into (not through) a Kestrel’s pool of mist and Cath’s stun. Yeah GGWP for that match

Post the match. You can even black out the names.

Too lazy. It’s on VGpro. I played SAW CP that match so search for that

IGN and Server?

CP SAW is a pretty poor matchup for CP Joule.

Don’t bring the same level of cancer to these forums.

CP joule simply isn’t a thing at any decent level in the game. If she’s broken abuse her and get out of the low elo tiers you appear to be permenantly stuck in.

As things stand I see no Joule CPin tiers 8 and above: why yo ask? Well she’s get snowballed early game, her jungle clear is to slow and her DMG output overly reliant on her hitting level 6.

Ps - don’t play CP saw, seriously you complain about your low tier levels and difficulty ranking yet you’re choosing off meta draft choices. Why aren’t you abusing Koshka,Vox and Krul toclimb into draft level? 3 v 3 is broken at the moment so abuse this if you can’t play 5v5.


Legit tho WP Joule in 5v5 is a menace for carries

Not played enough 5 v 5 to comment, but can see why she’s be a pain.

But surely better jungle hero’s, Krul, Koshka then joule right now?

Joule is best played in lane. Not jungle