Jolt, the Spy

Range: 5.5
Build: Mage, Carry.
Description: a hero who can both deal damage to enemy while giving health and defense for allies.

Perk: A Win-Win
Jolt’s skill will give allies 10-35 armor and shield when used on allies, or reduce 15-45 armor and shield when used on enemies.

A: Attached
Jolt guides his mechanical bird forward. The first ally/enemy hero or enemy minion it attaches will trigger Perk, gives them X barrier or deals Y DPS damage. After 2 seconds, the barrier/DPS damage will be over and the bird is exploded, deal Z damage to enemies around. X,Y,Z scales with CP, while only Y and Z scales with WP.
CD: 4 - 3.8 - 3.6 - 3.4 - 3.0s

B: Supplying Bird
Jolt calls for a special airplane that deal damage each 0.25s for 5s, slow enemies by 40% to an area and heal all allies while increase their movement speed by 40% inside. This applies Perk for everyone in that area. [scales heavily with CP]
This skill has pretty far range.
CD: 30 - 28 - 26 - 24 - 20s.

C: Attack of the Colony
In the next 7 seconds, Jolt’s basic attack will deal additional damage. Moreover, 2 nearest enemy/ally could receive Jolt’s basic attack with 25% damage for enemy or 25% heal for ally. All damage at this duration will apply Perk [including damage from Jolt’s item].
CP scale ratio is low. However, additional damage from basic attack will scale well with WP Ratio.
CD: 45 - 40 - 35s.

Ok. The idea of abilities having one effect for allies and another for enemies isn’t a bad one, in fact I quite like it, but it’s got to be something I see a lot in fan heroes (and it exists ingame too; Lyra). Moreover, This hero basically has three very similar abilities, that all seem to be there almost solely to trigger his perk, each with a slightly different added effect. Lastly, giving everything CP scaling might make him a little OP, making him able to act as a Carry and a Captain at the same time.

This sounds more like an engineer than a spy to be honest.

But that is the purpose of him. With CP build he can both heal and deal damage, while WP can only deal damage mostly.

Should I nerf him a little bit by making his ultimate not triggering perk?

No, what I’m saying is more Make his WP build damage based, and his CP build heal based. If you have CP doing damage and healing, why would you ever want to play him WP?