Its been a while since my last rant

So i’ve been in queue forever, i knew something was odd because usually queue times max out at 5 minutes. Finally 9 minutes later i get a game but i can’t accept and i get a message to check if my internet is working which it was because my friend which i was playing told me in voice chat he also can’t accept and got the same message. Big waste of time but no big deal, i close vg and open it again and surprise surprise i’ve been placed in low priority queue for declining too many matchs, even better i have 11 minutes of lpq for 5 games. This game sucks, first of all my internet was clearing working why am i getting a message saying that its not ? Second, lets just assume that my internet was actually not working and that it was my fault that the game got declined, why the hell do i get 55 freaking minutes of lpq. I have great karma on this account and i still do with lpq (logic), i’ve seen people dodge mutiple games and get like 6 minutes total and yet i get the punishement someone would get for deserting 2 games for declining 1 innocent game.

Edit: I just tried to queue for a blitz now and it says i have 13 minutes of lpq, guess i am done with this account that’s about the time it would take me to delete and install Vg again and log on to my main


Yep i’ve just seen on twitter, ■■■■ me i guess

Support might be able to remove you from LPQ … probably worth submitting a request. Worst they can say is no …

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Why do they give different LPQ times? I’ve been on it once. It was 2 games. One minute wait each in LPQ… Why is yours so harsh!?

The punishment increases each time you get put in LPQ …


Naw dawg that most likely means you got reported a ton of times even if u got great karma and when they lpqed you they hit you with all of it at once. It’s happened to me before. Got super triggered by teamates rude pinging or doing clearly stupid stuff or talking trash and talked trash back. Course i still got great karma because other people who weren’t ruining my game or knew it wasn’t my fault still upvoted me.

Once I finally dodged a game after months of not dodging they hit me with that amount lol. They take into account all your downvotes you got before your last lpq in that same season cycle and hit you with it once you actually do get lpqed. At least that’s what I’ve been able to gather.

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