Its been a minute

So! Its been a while since I’ve been to this site. I was scrolling through my steam library when I spotted VG lurking in there. The first thing that came to mind was this site. I wondered what happened since VG died. Seems like things are still as good as ever! New topics. It seems we’ve taken a LoL turn, which I’m in full support of seeing as i play a bit myself (MorganHeMan is my gt if anyones interested. Im a support main). I see a RWBY tag which i like, although Im super behind on it. and a various amount of other topics.

Now I’m just curious to see who alls here. or maybe if theres a discord for the website yet? if not, I definately reccomend :wink:


Welcome back! League, RWBY, and flying are pretty much what I do these days. (And work – to pay for the others!) Jump into #off-topic to discuss anything you want :sunglasses: