It's ARAL!

I think it’s the first time someone questioning my build in ARAL or I don’t remember the last time before this , this guy recommended me the last item I bought and sent me ok with not the default pings it’s a custom ping , so he is not new to the game and he started trolling after that .

We were 3 Melee heroes against 2 ranged 1 Melee one of them is YLVA and she had the legendary talent , so I was pinging my team to not fight and we need vision and they died before and didn’t get vision and they were dying because of her traps , so once I died I bought contraption , this guy pinged the contraption (recommended it for me) and pinged ok then started to troll , hehehehe this crazy guy thinks that we can win without vision against a ylva with a legendary talent in ARAL .

Let all that reasoning pass and forget about it , it’s ARAL , even if we don’t need vision (which was very important) , why you care about my build , it’s ARAL , I see people with all kind of builds didn’t ping them , but I get mad sometimes at their plays but their builds never a problem .

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Amen! It’s ARAL… there’s almost no reason to get upset with how someone builds a hero in a truly random match. As long my teammates aren’t losing on purpose, all’s well.


Aside from the toxin that is talents, my biggest issue with the brawl modes is that some people take them too seriously. (SEMC making Blitz a ranked mode … :unamused:) When BR ARAL first arrived on scene, followed a while later by Blitz, people played them for a fun diversion from the main 3v3 mode. In my experience, it was the arrival of talents, then ranked scores that really brought out the tryhards and toxicity.


I think toxic people in brawl are playing brawl modes only , because I canceled a ranked 3v3 queue to get in that toxic ARAL match , this guy didn’t play rank probably in a long time , I was looking for a break from ranking , a quick good game and this YLVA made the game very hard and that troll made it harder .

The only thing that could get me mad in aral is if you build stormcown lmao


I always just played the trolliest builds in ARAL, just to try and have some fun. I didn’t think anyone actually cared, still pretty sure very few do

I’m trying to remember some of the builds I’ve done but can’t think of anything other than my support Patel right now…


I’ll say that I like to win, will try to win, and that I want to win. Regardless of the game mode (while trying… fun builds :wink:) . That said, ARAL is no place for rude or toxic pinging. You have to understand your teammates may just not care in ARAL -@ and that’s perfectly fine!

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You probably going to laugh at this , but the guy who pinged me built stormcrown first item hehehehe .


It’s double-edged in brawl modes. I admittedly let myself get triggered in blitz but that’s because of the completely ridiculous things people do in that mode.

When blitz first came out it was my favorite mode to play and I almost exclusively played it. It was how I honed my mechanical skills and got good with many different heroes. People did things that made sense back then. Nowadays, literally back to back,I get people who run in 3v1 and refuse to not walk into turret fire, people who jungle first thing even though that is literally the last thing you should be worrying about in blitz, people who NEVER go into lane, people who never put vision anywhere. It’s like what the heck? I wouldn’t get mad if we just lost to lose but losing so avoidably like that over and over is so frustrating that it actually pushed me back into playing ranked, where people actually sorta take their time and think.

Well jungle in blitz is not a bad move , because you could lvl up faster , I agree that the classic blitz was the best and Iam not sure if it’s going to be a mode as promised , I mean rogue could do requested things like classic blitz and 3v3 casual .

I hope they do classic blitz and 3v3 casual too. Just reminds me how bad semc screwed up. Also I don’t mean don’t jungle at all in blitz, I’m talking about those people who go straight to jungle even when the whole enemy team is storming middle lane…and stay there. The kind of people who don’t even take a second to put a cam by the jungle miner then wonder how the enemy got 6-8 points in the first minute of the round and blame the rest of their team.

It them that aggravate the hell out of me because even though jungling levels you up faster it isn’t a priority when the enemy is bumrushing the turret but ping for help and you think they come? Nope, all they wanna do is jungle. THAT pisses me off, not jungling in general. People do it in ranked too but usually nowadays its not as bad as it used to be. People actually rotate most of the time in ranked now.

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