Items to help last hit on Higher Ping

First off let me start by saying my Internet is fine, i have 120mbs fibre. BUT i live in New Zealand so my proximity to servers is my issue.

Now kind people,

I tend to main Ringo or vox.
I struggle with getting the last hit in due to my latency in early game. I know this is hard to work around and timing is everything but is there a key item that I should be getting first off to help myself, like stormcrown?
I dont want to gimp myself later in game as I dont think the 150 damage of SC is worth a slot at level 12.
Honestly in the first 5 minutes i normally have barely any CS and get left playing catch up and I look terrible.


You just need to get better at CSing and do your best. I’m in the same boat as you as pings get ridiculous when you’re on the other side of the country in NA. There isn’t any item to help you just need to manipulate with damage or just wait it out because your damage is always going to be the same as long as you have the same items as before.

Personally, I feel like the last hitting is the least of my problem I have more issues with the game just having a spike and then dying right after.

To be honest I farm better early game as a roam than a laner , like if I go adagio roam and the laner afk or something and I take their place I don’t miss any farm because I don’t have damage items and I do little damage to minions which makes it easy to last hit , I think ringo and vox bad for higher pings , what I found is the best laner for me in higher ping is baron and starting with double weapon blades , easy farming barely miss minions .

I would say if you going to play vox or ringo better start with boots and attack speed , the damage can ruin your farming with higher ping , I play in my NA account with a high ping but mostly roaming or jungling , farming is struggle until you get heavy steel or tier3 item .

playing a lot on the high ping will help for sure, you will literally start to know how earlier to shoot and what HP the minion should have to hit it (as at times you will click before the red HP indicator). Will be harder, you will miss some CS, but you will get better at it for sure.

I’d suggest using an aoe hero, so then you either get all or some of your cs instead of none.