Item Balancing Wishlist

  1. Buff Reflex Block.
    All the Yates and Shan Feng walking around has been really irritating for squishies and captain, as the main way to counter heavy CC heroes has been Reflex Block. But the fact that the CD of Crucible has been a BIG problem and make CC heroes stringer than they actually are.

  2. Bring back Ironguard Contract.
    Please make a new 3rd tier item and bring back the contract. It’s really a great early game support item.

  3. Nerf Tension Bow.
    Burst items are REALLY in right now, and it’s a reason why Baron is OP and Gwen is everywhere.

  4. Buff Defence Items!
    Squishies are going full burst right now because defence items dont worth the purchase anymore, squishies favorite like Husk has REALLY long CD compared to heroes’ CD.

  5. Create a new Shield Pierce Item (3rd tier)
    I think we just need one.

  6. Tweak Stormcrown.
    I got that it’s basically a Jungle item now, but it’s REALLY effective against heroes aswell, especially on early. Please make the hero that is dealt to heroes WP-based and not true dam, so people can counter it! Or make it scale with health and make it into a Roam item again!

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This is quite hard to answer and discuss as no changes were mention, just buff/nerf X, the question is, how?

I don’t think another shield pierce item is needed, BM fits that job very well, and it’s not like in WP where you have to chose between sustain or burst.

About the IGC, I understand why they decided to remove it, it became a must buy for roams as it gave way too much free sustain, so I don’t feel like bringing it back is needed.

SC won’t be made a roam item until we have a proper juggling item, right now it just seems like a solution for the short term, so I think a proper jungle item, even if it’s just a reworked SC, is needed. It’s damage to non jungle monsters isn’t that high (100?). I don’t think we need a damaging item for roams, their base damage is enough (I would even systematically nerf it as due to that they overshadow bruisers but GJ and now San Feng).

As I said previously, without any proposal for changes, discussing about this is hard because it all comes down to wether or not X needs a buff/nerf, so I would suggest you edit the post giving some ideas you think would be a good change.

Agree with 1. CC really is a problem in most (if not all) gamemodes right now. With the high cooldowns of defense items it’s so frustrating to play anyone who isn’t a stun monster. When a team can chain their way into an ace without fail every teamfight no matter the enemy’s amount of defense/support, there’s a problem. I think the items themselves are probably fine (or close to) stat-wise, but the CD makes them pretty much useless a lot of times

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I get this is your personal wishlist. Just some commentary all the same.

Agreed with 1. CC chains are painful. RB & CB need buffs with all the CC out there. I think it was a strategic move for the game to add so much CC, as well as diversify the hero pool that could use it, but the consequence is constantly being CCed. I think more soft cc types would be better for the game, new types of soft cc at that.

  1. Not so much. I don’t think they need more defensive items. I think players need to learn to play more carefully. Many players nowadays use these rash, headlong tactics and expect their captains to make up for it and it’s kinda toxic for captains, not to mention whole teams.

  2. Disagree. I don’t think TB needs a nerf at all. As much as burst is in, it’s not hard to deal with if you play around said heroes. Gwen and Baron are actually strong more because of their chase/evade potential than their burst dmg. It’s what makes the burst seem stronger than it actually is because they can maximize it in ways where you struggle to find a weak spot between bursts.

  3. Fountain could use a buff. Also I think they should bring back some shield to armor items. I mean who isn’t using both basic attacks and abilities except cp heroes. In general defense items could use some buffs but I don’t think they should go crazy. Again, players should be playing more carefully than most are nowadays.

  4. I don’t think we need a new shield pierce item either. Shield pierce is kinda fine as is and mainly situational anyway: you only buy it if you can’t afford to fill up your slots with sg, or you’re facing difficult roams/tanks, but otherwise just having another sg does much more than getting shield pierce in most situations.

  5. SC isn’t that bad. It can seem powerful early but by late game it really isn’t a problem to deal with. It’s like Sang Fen’s B: it seems bad until the mid-late game, where it’s more an annoying chip on your health than a serious threat.

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What do you mean by soft CC? Like silences or slows as oppsed to stuns or roots?


Yep. Or displacements, something else. There are too many stuns right now.


I miss the old contracts. Sure,these ones work better, but I like the idea of having ‘early game items’ that provide useful buffs at the start and then can be sold later. I think we need items like that,and maybe stormguard banner should be like that too

YES. I really hate that BM is a must-buy on almost any CP build. We need some variation.

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This is not true, in most mobas, zero or one defense at most is common on Carries since damage output > survivability.

Positioning and teamwork is the best defense. But don expect that in soloq

I really hate the stormguard mechanic. Even though its made into a purely jungler item now, its still common to see multiple stormguard banners being built at the start. You can even see 8 people starting sgb in the EA meta. The burst being charged up over 6 seconds is way too long. People are just hitting their jungle creeps once before heading off to their lanes to almost instantly clear their buffs. Securing objectives with a basic attack passive just feels cheap. You no longer need to use a large bursting skill, just basic attack with your stormguard and you will outdamage the majority of burst attacks. I liked it more when it was a DoT item purely for jungle clear. Make stormguard passives be a % damage boost to jungle monsters and objectives with wp/cp base stats. If you want a smite item, make an item with a 20+ second smite active.

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It would have been a easy fix but they probably want to be original :roll_eyes:

Even their own Teleport boots as a teleport summoner spell replacement is rarely used.

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Hmm. It’s different according to my observation. I see a lot of Baron, Gwen, Ringo, Varya (mostly sniper) that goes full offence, sometimes didn’t even have a Boot in their build.