Is there no way of getting banned unless the player goes AFK?

In one of my recent games, there was this guy who went something like 0-20 due to intentional feeding and I guess the reason he decided to feed is because he died 2v1 at the beginning of the game, in the enemy jungle and pinged the closest player for not helping, even though no one was near him. He sold all of his items and went full boots to punish us. He kept running down mid and attacked the turret with no one nearby. Even if he only fed Skaarf in mid lane we could have won but he realised that every other player except mid lane was doing ok so he decided to go bottom lane and fed enemy Kestrel as if it wasn’t enough already. He was also spamming laugh, ok and that white ping. So all of this got me wondering, why isn’t this intentional feeder getting banned for doing such thing continously yet SEMC knows how to punish those who go AFK so well? I would like to hear your thoughts on this problem.

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If you report him through a support ticket you can at the very least get him in LPQ which will rrmove him from ranked play.

Like Xaldrian stated, I recommend sending a support ticket :slight_smile:

I’m in agreement with the folks above – submit it via the support form on the web site. Be as specific as you can about the date and time of your match and include the server; that makes it easier for them to review the match. Include the player’s IGN and the images above, and you have a pretty good chance of getting them to take action.

Thank you for answering and giving advice. I had just sent a ticket to them and gave all the information like the date, player IGN, server etc and now am patiently waiting for an answer. Again thank you guys for the suggestions, I really appreciate it :wink:

Best of luck on the fold/rise :slight_smile:


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