Is there anyway to remove in game guide?

Those annoying gold button that appears while i am playing is really irritating me lol…

Yeah, they go away when you level up an ability.


sorry, I don’t think there’s a way

ITS IN THE SETTINGS I BELIEVE LOOK AROUND A LIL BIT. for some reason I haven’t had any of these features turned on for me and i feel left out

updateeeeeeee your app

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I… am.stuck with that in every match…

i have to the latest. quick cast smart cast and now this have never been turned on for me lol

go rank sweetie… you might see it

Okay I got it. Go in practice mode and go to the settings. Go to preferences and turn off “In-game hints.” Note that in practice mode those things don’t appear.

I unchecked “in games hint” long ago. didn’t work

that’s interesting then… you can try to contact support because i’m pretty sure that the arrows are for new players.

I know they are… I will do that then. thanks

Did you turn off recommended builds also?

It depends on what gold thing you’re talking about.

This is from in-game hints.

This is from the recommended builds.

Changing the settings and not using a recommended build will get rid of them.


in game guide is op
i turned it on while playing a bot blitz and it reminded me to use my flask while i was close to die !!

i wonder if it remind people to use fountain or reflex block because its probably got the bot AI and bots are on point using reflex blocks and fountains .

I didn’t know it did anything besides ability recommendations. It’d be neat if it could pick out high-priority targets in fights or objectives or things like that.

or helping you last hitting in lane , i will try it again in a long bot match to see what it recommend me to do.

Funny thing is I was thinking to myself it’d be a good idea to have some sort of indicator to use flask because how many times have we died while it was up? Then I played a bit on my (new) EU smurf, when I switched back to my main I had the golden arrows and OMG are they intrusive and distracting.

I’d prefer a gentle pulsing when your HP is low.

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