Is there a reason as to why some skin prices deviate from the norm?

I just went into the skins section of the shop and I noticed something a little weird; a number of skins are available for much less than those of the same rarity, despite no sales on them being shown. Some rares are available for 299 ICE, some epics for 599, and some legendaries for 1299, rather than the standard prices of 599, 1199, and 2599, respectively. I actually decided to verify that it wasn’t just a visual bug by burning through some of my ICE supply for Enforcer Kinetic, but sure enough, I did indeed get the skin for 299 ICE.

Anyways, I actually wanted to know why the skins are available at a lower price, despite there not being any indication that they’re on sale or anything. Is it a bug or was there some random price reduction on certain skins that I missed?

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I have almost all of the skins, but the ones I don’t - are the normal ICE price, so dunno. Maybe region “error” that will be fixed soon, most likely you will keep the purchases tho.

I noticed the skins prices before but didn’t think of checking every single hero
It looks random because some heroes got discounted legendaries and the others got epics and rares , and the prices fixed except epic Reza , epic Reza has his own discount from 1199 to 899 , its supposed to be 599 , so that’s for me an evidence of randomness .

In the past I saw too few skins with actually higher prices, I also had a situation where I could not purchase for ICE the yates skin, totally random appearing (I could purchase it for a lot of time and them bam - option was gone).

I think it may depend on ability animations. All Legendary skins have different ability animations, epics only some of them do and rares none of them do (correct me if I’m wrong). I think the ones with ability animations are meant to be more expensive.

Otherwise it’s SEMC deciding what each skin is worth individually; I noticed this a while ago and didn’t think much of it.

I’ve seen this too and it’s really odd, I noticed it on graces Valkyrie epic, it’s 599 ice but then there’s rare butterfly Celeste also at 599. But then this is what’s even stranger to me, epic sorrowblade glaive is 1199 ice and legendary space bug petal is 1299.

An epic priced at the rate of some rare but also some a legendary price pretty close to epics. And sorrowblade glaive is honestly an epic?

My money says that it’s an oversight. They forgot to raise the price back up.

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Not just bug petal , t3 Skye , t3 vox , t3 Lyra they all 1299

Oh I have some so I can’t tell

I’ve noticed this too and tried checking if they are on sale. Then, I just thought, like one of the comments above, that the cheaper skins aren’t that special compared to the normal ones - either with fewer/not-so-special animations or could be, they are old skins along with new good ones of the same hero. :slight_smile:

This made me want to buy some skins of heroes I don’t have any skin of, yet, like Grace’s Valkyrie and Kinetic’s. But naaah, I’m just gonna save my ice for upcoming sales and skin chests of my fave heroes (off topic: I just got Joule’s teddy bear skin after three 99-ice chests!). :heart: