Is SEMC using bots?

Right so, the other day, I played this match:

Seems weird right? I mean, could’ve been a bunch of dudes messing around, but a few things struck me.

-they acted like bots. (walked into turrets, stood around, attacked the nearest thing)

-all the names are pretty generic.

-none of them were in a guild.

-when checking VGPRO later, it didn’t display the match. As if it never happened.

So, is VG so dead they’re using bots?


They definitely backfill AFKs with bots at low tiers, but they supposedly stopped doing so in higher tiers several months back.

What you’re describing certainly sounds like bots were inserted into the match, though. What tier are you, if I may ask?

Yeah they are bots , semc has two types of bots , one with the names of the heroes and the others with random names , I once got LPQ so I decided to play BR and got matched with real enemy but they had a bot with (hero name) and we had a bot with (hero name) too , then the next match I got matched with a mix of heroes bots ( hero name) and (random names) in both teams .

I’m t6. I was playing with my friend who’s only just started though, so that may be part of it.

Do you remember the queue timer ? Did you pass the 7 minutes ?
With my experience the queue was long and because I already in the LPQ because I got disconnected from games in row , I think the system considered LPQ toxic and gave me new players sometimes and other times bots with different names or the hero names all probably to split LPQ players from real experienced players to make the game better for everyone .

Queue was literally 3 seconds. First try too, usually if the timer hits 4 minutes I reset it.

Also putting LPQ people with new players is overall a really bad idea, imagine just starting the game and getting teamed with loads of toxic people. it wouldn’t exactly advertise the game as having a nice community, to say the least. I kinda doubt the matchmaker does that.

The first few games you play will be against bots, regardless of you’re in party or soloQ. If I remember right, the first 2? Then if you lose the first one against real players you’ll play against bots again.


the thing that is bothering me is why the reza’s name is not lined up with everyone elses :pouting_cat:

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Ok that could explain things.


could it possibly be a new method to show off who is MVP ? he went 19/0/6

First game on a new account is a bot game, they’re basically using the tencent approach where first game on pubgm is youvs 99 bots. Player wins and gets a lot of kills so he gets excited and play more.

I just played a match where two of us had that shifted name. We were the best two, but two MVPs? Seems unlikely.