Is Petal strong right now?

So I recently played Petal in 5v5 ranked, I barely play Petal and I basically picked her cause I had to lane and I thought she’d be a good matchup against Catherine and Kestrel. A bit of a risk…But my team basically wiped out the enemy and I got 13 kills :confused: Maybe because my teammates were all good Or my opposing laner wasn’t that good…
But it’s making me wonder, is Petal actually strong right now? I really enjoyed bouncing around the fold :stuck_out_tongue:

Also anyone have a good build for her? I went SG, BM, And was building towards a CW.

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Ok tried it again and got wrecked lol Petal is squishy AF. Would be grateful for any tips :joy:

Ditch the CW.
Go DE, SG, BM/AC (situational), JB, Aegis, MJ/SH (also situational, however most often MJ in 5v5)
Occasionally I throw in FB over BM, but that’s neither here nor there.

In regard to WP, can’t go wrong with a mix of SB, TT, TM, while doubling either TT or TM

Tip wise, WP overdrive B and ult. CP overdrive A and ult. Remember your A has vision. Too many people also don’t utilize the A to escape - when you disengage, B out and immediately drop A. Try and also basic the enemy. This puts two seeds between you, has your minions attack and puts a basic with the B passive on your enemy. Make sure you always have 3 minions. Learn to have your minions eat damage to spare your health, such as Skyes FB. Obviosly try to use your range to kite and stay near the edge of fights, and use your minions to ruin stealth heroes days, as they’ll follow them.

I would get into tips with your ult, as it is possibly the most important part of the kit, but they are about to rework it, so I’ll wait.

Apologies for the list-like format, I’m slightly indisposed.


Thank you! Very helpful. But they’re reworking Petal’s ult? Hopefully it makes her stronger, she’s actually a lot of fun to play but I feel like I get pinged a lot more when I play her 0_0 Do people still think she’s a potato? Though I feel like in a glass cannon world Petal gets shot down fast because she’s so squishy

why though? only her ult can apply the slow iirc

Yea. It’s supposed to dash towards the targets now, which should be a lot easier, disregarding the tips I would usually give.

I think she fell out of favor a little because her counters grew very popular, but she’s strong and SEMC is buffing her so can’t complain.

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Great Petal tips all around.

I am curious on the FB as situational, since munions no longer slow with it, so is it just for ulting to escape? Or does it get utilized with other parts of her kit?

Usually a troll build but can use in lower tiers, since I don’t know the tier of OP. It used to slow with minions but now it is just the ult. However, lower tiers usually equate to a lot more enemies disengaging too early and a lot less stutter stepping. Initial hit is an ult, and if the chunk of health is big enough, they’ll try to disengage instead of stutter stepping away. The slow just ensures both you and your minions keep up to stutter step to a kill.

Now, it should be noted that above T4-5, FB should not be used. Completely situational on enemy skill level. And even then, I can’t actually remember the last time I used it

EDIT - and @PumpkinKing666


Petal’s new ult is a directional attack that you decide where to send, like a skaarf or samuel A. It doesn’t dash to the target specifically.

So, now you can do things like send an ult in a direction and trampoline into your own ult to escape and heal. The ult is no longer controlled by who you are targetting, from what zi understand.


This is correct. Her healing is also doubled since her CP ratio has gone from 30-60% which makes her a much more interesting captain as well.

I actually think petal is okay, she’s not as useless as people make out and is a good counter pic to some of the popular junglers right now in 3v3.

However I wouldn’t play her in 5v5, they’re are so many AEO abilities which are going to destroy her minions and once they’re gone she adds nothing to team fights. It’s not that’s she’s terrible it’s just there are so many better options right now.


Quite a useful utility item now, especially since it has three charges.

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TBH I have been playing Petal in 5v5 to see if she really so bad and I sort of discovered some stuff…

Petal is actually a really amazing counter pick against some heroes. I have been having a very high winrate with her in 5v5 recently, and as a counter pick, she serves her purpose really well. Even with stronger healing in update 3.2, she will serve her purpose even better.

For example, when there are many melee heroes who are pretty bad against kiting heroes such as Petal on the enemy team, picking petal can be the saving grace of your entire team.

An actual example was when the enemy team had Skye, Rona, Reim, Foretress, and Kestrel.
Petal counters about 3-4 of those heroes and because of it I wrecked the enemy.

Also Petal is really good as an annoyer to the enemy that stops them from getting farm. Her clear speed is very fast in the Jungle and Her ganking potential with the help of her captain(like Catherine is a good pair). She counters a fair amount of the meta heroes too, such as Rona, Kestrel, Celeste in the early game, Catherine, etc.
Her ultimate in the late makes such a difference in teamfights that it quite surprising how much damage it can actually do and how much healing it can do to the whole team.

She will be viable next update as a good counter pick.

WP Petal only works against comps that aren’t strong in the early game. She really shines late game but is very bad in the early game and not much better at mid game. However it is still viable and is purely situational.


Wouldn’t this make Petal harder to play since you also have to choose where they go?

Yep. People only see Petal as a potato because she’s one of the few heroes who are almost purely counterpicks. You don’t initiate with a petal pick because ranged carries with AOE decimate an unprepared petal and provide a struggle for a good one. You pick her when you notice most of the enemy team is made of meleers.

@vidre No harder than it is to use any skillshot hero. I personally think it makes petal much more versatile, making her easier in general. Now you can ping a teamate to fall back to a location and send a munion there, or be attacking an enemy and still heal yourself instead of sending a munion after the enemy.


Nice analysis… I’m still sceptical in 5v5 but the health ratio buff could be a big game changer.

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But this would would at least give her some control to where her minions would go. Previously it would only follow the enemy hero that petal targeted, which meant that her allies benefited much less from the heal unless they were melee heroes who dive right in the battle. Now this means in conjunction with the healing buff that petal can act more like a healer in the late game while providing good utility via slow and decent single target damage via her munions.

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Petal and reim used to have the highest win rate few patches ago as they were unstoppable when picked as counters and which was the role they were used for

What will be the game changer with petal is that her munions will finally listen to commands.

Spastic little buggers bug out way too much…

Her big problem is killing her munions
So i think she is weak even against the heroes she supposed to counters

I think if semc want her to be great again , they should add a good perk
One of them i think is making her munions range attack longer , like make it get longer with the fight .

Or the second one is make munions spawn as 3 after seconds from getting killed , so she can fight , then give her cooldown from getting the 3 munions spawn at once.

My perk suggestions make her good in 5v5 , and can counter her enemies in 3v3 , you cant just nerf frostburn and expect her to counter taka or anyother hero , she needs the range buff or the 3 munions spawn at once in fights .