Is fortress any good?

So i bought fortress to use his taunt on top of heroes when they die buti neber used them. This season though i bought him the summer skin (freaking cool by the way hahhahaha i act as if im a loyal dog to my teammates lol) but im kinda of a noob with him. Now in the games i played he does some damage but like idk sometimes i feel like a newbtoober. Anyways my point being, should i keep learning fortress? Or is he not viable at all? I just don’t wanna be dissapointed because i bought him that super cool shark suit and it turns out he sucks you know?

Fortress is a decison reliant hero, the better decsions you make the better he plays out. The standard build is Aftershock Pulseweave Stormcrown as core items them go into utility based items like War treads Atlas etc, Crucible IF you really need to.


They just nerfed him back into a spud. Because SEMC won’t rework Fortress’ broken kit, he goes through these periodic phases where he is exceedingly powerful and destroys everyone effortlessly. Because of his potency, he draws the ire of high tier ranked players and subsequently gets nerfed into oblivion when said high tier players take to reddit and moan about how unfair he is to play against. He then remains dormant until SEMC buffs him again over the course of three to four patches due to the same high tier players bitching that he’s absolutely terrible in ranked.

This has been the status quo for about two to three years now. And it shows no signs of ever changing.

Game is shit in terms of balance anyway. And it’s been that way ever since the base HP pool of heroes were doubled a while ago.

I recommend taking up a different game.

This one’s done.


Hmmmm thanks, so then i gotta makengood decisions lmao

Noo nooo…i asked if he was goos not a persuasion to change to another game :frowning:

Has this been proven yet? I know about the Savage nerf, but is he still viable? Anyone having success with fortress in 5v5?

yeah he’s pretty shit right now

He trash in general Imo his ult nice but long cd is smh

I have not tried him yet, but I would still think he may be viable despite the speed boost nerfs cause it’s still a speed boost. I’ll have to see

Higher Tier 2 in 5v5 but nearly irrelevant in 3v3.

The more you and teammates capitalize on his speed increase and mortal wounds, the higher he climbs but he’s stuck in Tier 2 for now.

So like in tier 2 hw sucks cause of the noobs? But higher he doesnt cause people know about his mortal wound?

By tiers I mean if all the heroes were ranked 1 - 44 and then divided into tiers, Tier 1 being OP / powerful down to Tier 3 or 4, depending on the person, being useless or not played often.

Depending on the player, Fort could be not played well and be a low Tier 2 hero but played well, he hits the Tier 2 bordering Tier 1 wall.

Oooooohhhhhhhh okay. I thought you where talking about like tiers hahaaha