Is anyone experiencing bug in 3.9?

Characters and turrets missing from match in 5v5.
In blitz, in the middle of playing. Screen shows loading halfway in match and stuck there.

Idk if it’s the match or magnus fu**ing it up lol.

I keep disconnected and then reconnecting to watch my turret re-blow up - with no exaggeration, I’ve frozen at least twenty times. At least the quick reconnect seems to work (until the third reconnect and then you have to restart app or it’ll sit there on the loading screen)

I’ve gotten a couple blackscreen bugs at match load-in time, but nothing much beyond that. My non-jailbroken iPhone6 has trouble handling 5v5, and it’s a bit laggy in general out here on the US east coast. Everything is usually a smidge touchier right after updates (lots of returning players put stress on servers), but it’s about the same as 3.8 so far.

Ah… but missing heros and turrets in match?

Hasn’t happened to me yet, but that sounds bad. :kraken_sad_t1: It’s been reported to the team though, so they’re working on it.

That happened to me during a replay this morning, so clearly something is wrong.

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Glad to know that it’s not only me facing this issue. Thank you.

Not only you, if you watch Maxman’s stream, when showing the skins heroes it happened constantly.

Oh… that’s is bad.
I hope semc knows about this issue

They know, EdTheShred was in the streaming.