Infernus the Flametrooper (Hero Idea)

Recently I’ve been pulled to the fire so I really want to make a new hero idea of a flametrooper. This hero will give Skaarf a run for his money.
Let’s get started with the hero idea:
+HP: 685 (+135 HP per level).
+Armor and Shield: 20-60.
+Energy: 500.
+WP: 74 (+6 per level).
+Attack range: 2m.
+Attack speed: 100% (+3.3% per level).
+Movement speed: 3.3m/s.
●Perk: Mancooker:
*Infernus has 2 attack modes: melee and long-range.
-His melee basic attacks deal full WP damage and burn the target for 3s, dealing 50% CP damage per second. Upon acquiring 200 CP the burn damage will apply Mortal Wound effect.
-His long range basic attacks deal 50 (+15 CP per level) CP damage +100% CP +50% WP in 10 small ticks in a 45° cone. Upon acquiring 200 WP, the long range basic attacks will apply a 15% slow to the target. Also, his long range attack won’t have any delay and the damage per second is based on attack speed and damage/basic attack.
-Long-range basic-attack range: 5m.
●A: Hellish Burner:
-Infernus overdrives his weapon system, increasing all damage and his long-range basic-attack range for a period of time.
+Cooldown: 15s/15s/15s/15s/15s.
+Energy cost: 100/125/150/175/200.
+Duration: 3s/4s/5s/6s/7s.
+WP amp: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%.
+CP amp: 60%/70%/80%/90%/100%.
+Long-range basic-attack range increase: 0.5m/0.75m/1m/1.25m/1.5m.
●B: Exothermic Grenade:
-Infernus throws a special frag grenade that after 1.5s will explode, dealing an empowered basic attack with CP damage. If any enemies standing in the grenade’s AOE before it explodes, their armor and and shield will be shredded for 3.5s.
-Upon acquiring 300 WP, it will suck enemies in it before it explode. (Sucking speed: 8m/s).
-Upon acquiring 300 CP, it will knock all enemies away 3m after it has exploded.
+Cooldown: 15s/15s/15s/15s/12.5s
+Energy cost: 50.
+Range: 8m.
+AOE: 4m.
+Basic attack damage: 120%/120%/125%/125%/130%.
+CP damage: 100/150/200/250/300 +125% CP.
+Armor shred: 5%/7.5%/10%/12.5%/15%.
+Shield shred: 2.5%/3.75%/5%/6.25%/7.5%.
●Ult: Into the Fire:
-Infernus slams the ground, creating a massive firewave that will travel the half the map and deal damage to anything it hits then create a burning trail, burning all enemies staning in it, dealing damage.
+Cooldown: 120s.
+Energy cost: 250.
+Travelling velocity: 10m/s.
+AOE: 8m.
+Burst damage: 400/550/700+ 200% CP +100% WP.
+Burn damage/s: 200/350/500 +150% CP +75% WP.
+Fire Trail duration: 3s/4s/5s.

I like the name, I like the cool sounding abilities, but it is abit OP…

knock back (Tony’s ult) every 10 seconds? Suck enemies as well? I would go hybrid.

I don’t think it’s a good balancing idea to just make his abilities OP and make his health and base damage so low…

The ULT is just a Beefed up version of celeste’s Solar Storm… not only does it burn everything… it travels the entire map? Maybe it travels slow… but still, an entire river of flames? OP.

You basically took Ringo’s B for his A.

Really unbalanced.

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I’ve changed the stats by a bit. Also you can change the stats if you like but please keep the base features marked by “-”

Ringo’s B increases attack and movement speed and makes his basic attacks deal CP damage. This one makes Infernus deals more WP and CP damage and increases his long range basic attack range.

So perk is like a more gold heavy reverse idris design? Seems a little off that his perk won’t come in effect until late game

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Ok will adjust that…

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