Incentive for BP 100?

This may not be that big of an issue, but it’s relevant to me personally so I figured I’d bring it up and see what others think.

I believe 2-3 weeks ago I hit level 100 for the battle pass. There is literally no incentive for me to do the weekend events. There is no carry over for sunlight. There is not type of “reward” for hitting level 100 early aside from getting the reward earlier than others.

This may be a selfish perspective, but I do find it a bit flawed that SEMC didn’t think of a little something to reward players who are very active during a season and who achieve level 100 early. It wouldn’t need to be much, even something along the lines of instead of getting sunlight, we get glory if we’ve already gotten level 100. Or some essence or opals.



Yep, agree totally. I finished the Battle Pass also, and – having rediscovered how much I actually despise talents – I see no reason to bother with the event this weekend.

This is exactly how it should work.

In AoV, for instance, when you finish the Codex (their version of a battle pass), you unlock a “lottery” phase where you get to spend any extra points you accumulate to spin to collect even more rewards, all of which are unique to the lottery. It gives you incentive to keep completing the quests, even if you’ve reached the max level of the codex.


Man… You’re really making me consider AoV! My phone isn’t large enough I think to fit both with how big VG is. I’m also nervous of switching to joystick controls, which I believe AoV uses? I also just can’t get into the more “cartoon” graphics. Perhaps I’ll try it soon. Anyway…

That’s a great reward system and SEMC needs to establish something similar. I hope they do next season.

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Unlike in VG, the AoV joysticks are well done. However, it’s a big change from touch, and it took me a while to get comfortable with them. (I still use a lot of the assist features, unlike my daughter who aims everything manually and is an expert at the controls. Lol.)

AoV is a great game, but it’s aimed at a more casual audience. The graphic style is very similar to League’s, so I guess it doesn’t bother me much. (Although I definitely prefer VG’s more gritty, realistic style.) At least on my devices, AoV performs significantly better: no frame rate issues, no lag, and no crashes. Vainglory’s hero design is generally better than AoV’s, and Tencent rebalances heroes much less often – which to me is actually a big plus, as you don’t have to essentially relearn the game every month or two.

I think it’s worth a try – my kids and I have a blast playing it, and it’s much easier for them to jump back into AoV after a break because it’s unlikely much has changed (except maybe a new hero or a new mode being added).

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There should be still “bonus” rewards in event completion checklist after level 100 or additional levels. To give the players sense of progression and reason to play in the events as of now the battlepass owners hit level 100 3-4 weeks before season end.

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You can play both games without a problem, they are a different approach to MOBAs and thus feels like different games and not a variant of the same. Also as @hazeleyes said, the AOV joystick is well done and the whole game/map/heroes were designed around joystick controls and joystick controls only. You will need some time to get used to, but soon enough you will have a lot of good time playing + start to see when you go higher that there is also complexity and tactics there too.

Edit: Also a lot of fun modes well done there. *

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man you guys play a ton I can bearly hit 30-40 a season

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If you have a BP and only play the weekend events to completion I’m pretty sure you should be at something like 70. Or perhaps 60.

Iam playing without the battle pass the same amount of games or close , I think I should be right now around the 30/50 sunlight in the old wheel , but Iam actually below the 10 in this battle pass system , just because I don’t touch the events .

That’s not possible, you gain a minimum of 250 sunlight every day, so if you’ve played at least once all days (and won, even against bots) you can’t be <10. That bonus alone give around 30 levels. Free chests also give aroun 30 more levels, so if you are under 10 they you just haven’t played nor even entered at all and as a result you wouldn’t be lvl 30-50 in the old system.

I actually don’t open the free chests , they are hiding some where and I always forget them , my main is lvl 11 and my other accounts lvl5 and 6 , I play 3v3 only , I used to play bots and get glory and sunlight in the old days , well I think Iam not that active because of bots games nerfing .

I’ve played a few games a day average, got to level 70ish before buying the BP this week. Started playing more since I got the BP admittedly.

I should make 100 easy and had no pressure all way from 0-70.

I have double sunlight until the end of the season pretty much too so the final few levels really should be easy and stress free.

Assuming they change nothing next season you should give this method a go.

I think I’ve played 15 matches in a month and a half. I’m at lvl 43 :joy: I don’t think I’ll make it

This is the thing, we don’t. I played more last season without battlepass and ended up 65-70, while now with battlepass this season I hit level 100 4 weeks before season end, i.e. for 2m. It’s tuned to be A LOT easier for the battlepass owners to reach level 100. Single weekend event that took you like 1h to play is 6 full levels with battlepass… all kind of rewards, double sunlight and whatnot too - so getting the BP early is also important or you will miss on a lot of sunlight.

Edit: total 3m for the season. That’s 12 weeks x 6 levels per event - 72 levels only from that. Then add the double sunlight spread on the BP, daily chests with sunlight, first win sunlight bonus, etc and voala.