Inara done in Copics

Here’s an illustration of Inara done in copics to welcome her this upcoming patch.

Here is the mandatory Twitter link

Thank you for the constant support. You guys rock!


I really like her face, her breasts dissapear into her stomach which is due to linework.

I like your overall style a lot though!


its very pretty


Im amazed about how you self taught yourself that drawin skillz😍. While im over here drawing stick figures XD


Dude you need to work for SEMC. Your work is phenomenal


Still can’t beat my profile background picture tho


I like it , beautiful Inara :heart_eyes_cat:

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I remember your first couple of sketches with the Copics – the difference between then and now is amazing! I love the bold lines, the contrasty colors, and the composition. Your increasing confidence in your abilities is obvious – bravo!!!

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Thank you very much. Your words is very heartwarming! It’s really funny how slowly we all improve somehow with frequency and the passion to just grow. I’m hoping to further increase my skills to give back to community and game that sparked back my interest in art.

Looool! Jojo’s bizarre adventures right? :slight_smile:

Thank you! You guys are too generous with your compliments! :relieved:

That’s my profile pic. I meant when u go to my profile I have a separate background, but my profile pic is also pretty gud tho lol

Have you ever tried a color palate challenge?

Not yet. What is that? It seems like a good challenge

Its where you make a drawing with a limited color palette.

Example: That I pulled off the web

My friend often does it for fun and to keep herself “entertained” while drawing.

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