Improvements I think VG needs

  1. The ability to sale items for full price for 10 seconds after purchasing them. We all make mistakes and buy the wrong thing at times especially since the item selection screen will literally bounce up and down. I think we should have a short frame where we are able to change our items without being only getting 50% back.

  2. Pre-builds. I think giving players the option to make their own builds would be awesome and a great way to make profit. Everyone could have one or two free pre-load outs for every hero and we could be able to purchase 3 or 4 more for ice. Especially with the new slumbering husk item builds are becoming very repetitive for me so I would like the option for the items to build themselves at times when I get near shops.

  3. The ability to refund ability points 10 seconds after augmenting. Just like buying the wrong item by accident many of us can add a point into the wrong ability at times. Especially when I hit lvl 12, it’s very common for the last ability point to go into the ultimate but there are heroes when it’s better to choose the A or B ability instead of the ultimate but my muscle reaction can often make me choose the wrong button so I think this would also he helpful and convenient.

  4. Having the active abilities (A skill, B skill, C skill, and scout cam) all have a different color cast selection. There are often times I misclick an ability (for example clicking scout cam instead of ultimate and wasting a cam) so I think having something like A skill=red, B skill= blue, C skill= orange, scout cam= green. Just so I can know better what ability I’m casting, of course it doesn’t have to be those specific colors but something to help.

  5. Voice chat for everyone. I know they’re improving as of now but I wouldn’t mind it if they focused more on it.

  6. Longer times for draft. We are in 5v5 right now with double bans and 40+ heroes, I think we should start having 60 seconds instead of 30 seconds to make our decisions of banning and choosing heroes.

  7. A schedule for the events of the month is something I think is a must if we’re gonna keep having these random events. People should be able to prepare for them and will overall increase player interest in the game since they’re able to schedule better for VG.

  8. And last but not least more items ofc. I still think items are in call for especially for DPS.


I wished they separated the ranged items and melee items (talkin about carryies ofc). By that i mean make items specific to ranged heros and items for melee heros.

Maybe a starter item that helps with early laning with a melees.

They should focus on more items and making the item tree more diverse :tanuki:

I posted this to Reddit too hoping the devs see it.

They did announce it, but when i checked the patch notes, it seems like it hasn’t been implemented. I wonder what happened.

It’s still only for pre mades. I just think you don’t have to have the supporter badge to us it anymore. @hazeleyes I know voice chat use to make the game very laggy does it still do this?

the starter item is pretty much BoE
i kinda wish they had more tank items

My issue with selling and redoing ability points is that it could be abused, for example shooting a kestrel ult, then selling stuff.

You could have it cancel if you do anything, but that gets complicated quickly. What if you’re at the jungle shop take a little bit of damage, now you can’t sell that oakheart. It would be crazy complicated to track every scenario where temporarily having an item could help you.