Impaler BloodFang

No Lore Cause uhh I’m kinda don’t feel like it hahaha

Passive:Cold Blooded (Impaler attacks inflict Mortal wounds and and slows enemies by 50%

A :Vampirism(Upon Activation gain 45% Lifesteal Impaler leaps at enemy dealing 150% cp ratio damage

B:Blood shield(Upon Activation Gain 20% fortified Hp and 0.9 move speed for 6 seconds also gain 1% Fortified hp for every 140 damage dealt while activated

Ult: Demonic Dominion( Impaler calls out a vampire horde {Like fortress Ult} He call upon 10 vampires each dealing 30% of his damage and heal him when killed they explode with blood applying mortal wounds and activates A ability

Ya it’s bad but hey I tried

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… ok, not judging but …

did you steal that from hellsing ultimate lmao

I’m pretty sure the image you used is female.

Couldn’t think of a cooler vamp

Found the original piece supposedly from a Japanese Card game or fanart of the game, I dunnoimage
Azpt (credit your artists when possible or preferably always)
Also just noticed you can see whoever made the one in the op try and black out the owl lol

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Yes, Alucard is a badass.

But people who don’t knoe the show might assume you drew it. Credit the artist or source bud.

It’s from Google it don’t say artist it’s just pick a pic

Fortress + Steroids = this dude

Seriously this is just an exaggerated version of fortress skills in different order lmao

Fort is trash bro his ult takes forever CD , not even that useful those wolf’s trash asf maybe if they ambushed one person they’d be good but other then that fort is pretty terrible

Fort was just nerfed because he was very comfortably meta ?

Just my personal opinion when I play him from my perspective maybe He was good in other people hands I just feel his ult CD too long and pretty useless

Fort really amazing with melees. He has been getting nerfed for a long time now because he’s too good in the right comps

Ok so this guy has a fair bit in his kit. I’ll go through his abilities one by one.

Lets start with the Passive. Not a bad passive, but numbers are way too high. Think about what a 50% slow on every basic attack would do. Not to mention the fact that having a mortal wound almost always gives him an extra item slot considering how meta PS/SF are atm. If you toned it down a bit (maybe a 20-25% slow, or a lower one that increases with CP/WP) and make this effect only trigger every X seconds (maybe 4 or 5, or make it higher and have a bigger slow), then this would be balanced.

To A and B I don’t have much to say. Both abilities would work ingame by my judgement, Both are fairly simple, a gap closer and a self buff.

As to his ult, correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I understand, it acts very similarly to Fort’s ult, with an extra effect of exploding. I don’t understand how it would activate the A tho, wouldn’t you just end up leaping around uncontrollably as they die?

I mean, all in all, He probably would work. My worry is that he wouldn’t be at all interesting to play. He reminds me too much of Tony in the way that his abilities don’t combo together at all. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there’s a few heroes ingame that are like that, as I said, Tony, and Ardan and Cath are other examples. However, unlike Tony, All this guy’s abilities have likeness to abilities in the game. His A and Ult are similar to Fort’s, and his B is somewhere between Malene’s light B and Reim’s passive.

Sorry for grilling you so much, I don’t mean to be rude or mean, I just like to add constructive criticism where I can, as I know I like receiving it as it helps me perfect my hero creations. Hope you understand.

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Hehehe ya u made some good points Imma make a new fan hero most likely Tuesday or something