I'm not playing Vainglory anymore

First lof all, I don’t know what category to put this thread in so I just put it here. Feel free to edit.

I quit Vainglory.

Yes I’m maybe here posting all sort of threads about stuffs here and there but I quit the game. The game has gone too bad for me post 3.0. In 3.0 matchmaking was a breeze but now holy crap, can’t even play 1v5 or 1v9 anymore. I’m starting to get tired, lose my focus and calm just like MagBoss @Magmaw here. And I’m a 10th-grader (after 2-3 months I’ll be an 11th-grader) and the education system here sucks. You are forced to learn all 13 subjects which 8 or more of them are useless in real life work (The 13 subjects are: Maths, Literature, English (btw I’m an advanced English learner so my English is far better than the average Vietnamese), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, French (only for 3 advanced English classes at my school, I’m in 1 of those 3 classes), Technology (mostly about farming and stuffs like that), Civil Education, PE, Computer Science, National Defense Education (welp the good thing about this subject that you can learm how to handle AKs, I’m a gun nut)) and it’s near my final exam (2 weeks) so I have to prepare myself for it and poof, all of my time is gone. So yeah, I’m still here but I no longer play Vainglory anymore. I hope you all understand me.


French is only useless if you are doing it wrong, so I would suggest to put the guns away and practice that instead. Peace.

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8 or more subjects are useless and French is definately not in those 8 subjects. It’s IMO a very magnificent language.

So does that mean no more balance threads?


I’m here but not playing anymore

I’ll take that as a yes since you won’t know what is balanced anymore.

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Looking at some “balance threads” in both forums, I doubt that’s grounds for not making them


School system sucks I wish American school put that much emphasis on education. Hell my senior year I could have only went to 3 classes

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Must. Refrain. From. Correcting. Grammar.



School system sucks. I wish American schools put that much emphasis on education. Hell, in my senior year I could have only went to 3 classes.

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So close. Like, really close. And all of this could have been avoided, if he had decided to “take” classes instead.

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Hecc I have been thwarted. My grammar nazi days are over. It has been a pleasure to correct others on the correct form of you’re and your. However, it seems that I am not fit to continue on.

Sowwy. It was never my intention to discourage you from correcting others. :confused: I was just overjoyed to be presented with an opportunity to unleash my own inner grammatician, without feeling too guilty about it. :nerd_face:

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See ypu in 3 months doe…:haha: just kiddng

Another one bites the dust - and might be back in 2 weeks as well :sweat_smile:

Focusing on RL over VG is honestly pretty important, and some people will struggle with this coughs. Depending on how informative/advanced your classes are, almost all of your classes (can/should) have benefits down the road. Take it from me - I’m almost 23 and returning to school next year to get a second degree in a string of things. I’ve also been a shitty student in the past, and it returned to bite me in the buttocks repeatedly.

English is obvious. If any language lasts long enough for China to begin receding in influence, it will be English. English covers more countries if you travel, blah blah blah. Oh, and obviously its the language of the internet. French should be a separate topic but whatever. People who learn multiple languages fluently end up being smarter.

Math is super important for many fields, and just in general. If you ever want to learn finance even for personal reasons, you should keep up to date with this. This is obvious even without the personal finances.

Literature is not directly obvious in benefit. Yes, you won’t be reading ancient manuscripts in your working life (most likely). However, its important for another reason. To be a better writer and speaker, you need to immerse yourself in the languages. It should also help with reading comprehension unless your teacher is really “bad” - you’d be surprised how many of my fellow college students were super slow readers and struggled to make proper essay arguments. I bet they didn’t read much. Certainly not anything remotely complicated or “different” from their tweet feed.

Basic Physics knowledge is useful. Even without pursuing a technical degree.

Same with chemistry.

Biology is less helpful, I agree. Anything about the human body though is something to pay attention to, if they cover it. This is arguably the least useful of your classes - depending on what they cover. Unless you try to study Marine Biology like half my friends who went to college one year. -_-

History is often boring as hell if its primarily limited to your specific country. It tends to be more interesting if its more general. This is closer to learning Literature in nature - not direct obvious benefits (except where you see parallels between today’s world and a history lesson). Its usefulness is blunted by the biases perspectives often mistakenly (and intentionally) taken as the true narratives. Be aware of that, watch for cases where the teacher or overall institution/nation has a reason to put things in a certain way.

Geography is mildly useful if you try to keep up with interesting world news and events, it combined with History can help you get some insight into why certain things are happening. Also useful if you don’t know what a mountain is.

French is an extra language. Could do better but you could do a lot worse. At least you can practice your French there. :'D

Technology class sounds like they tried to not make it sound boring. If it’s any consolation, most technology classes I saw in the US were nothing spectacular either - you had to go to the GOOD school for that stuff.

Civil Education - learning about your government and stuff? Is as useful as they make it.

P.E… Ok. I am willing to bet that you are underappreciating this one - unless they let you sit on your bottom all period. When you are young and smaller, physical fitness is incredibly easy to maintain. When you get older and get busier, you will miss being younger and fitter. This is not a waste of time unless you let it be. Easier to keep your fitness now through adulthood than to have to regain it. That’s really quite a lot harder.

Computer Science is as useful as they let it be.

National Defense Education is useful depending on the country and expected possibilities.

I would say that 3-5 topics can be utterly useless in real life, but this is somewhat dependent on being uninterested in the outside world or having a crummy teacher/curriculum/resources.


I just hated studying literature I had 0 interest in. I’d rather make my own stories and I am already a good writer/reader. I honestly hate how those classes can really hold me back .-.

Americans :joy_cat:

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Many classes are boring as hell. Whether they come in handy is dependent on how you approach them. Many things in life are that way - there is always something you don’t like about any “great” job as well. Either the misery you put yourself through is useless or useful.

play super mario sunshine

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Actually i think biology is extremely useful, but only the basics of the human body. Knowing it allows you to skip unnecessary tests at the doctors to figure out what is wrong.

Sadly I did, but writting has always been my weak point. Reading, science, math, computers, and Auto were where i excelled at.

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