I'm having luck

Going on a win streak with my bae. Pretty sure I’m the only one in SEA insta-pick Lorelai. That’s all I wanna say, thanks :smile_cat:


Dammn, look at those KDA @@
My gud, I have to learn Lorelai now.

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Always captain never top lane?

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Taking a break from top lane, mainly because of frustration that my support never rotates to help when I beg them 99 times
But when I support my top laner will never fall behind under my watch


It’s kinda funny how your best KDA was the one you did with Lyra


Because Lyra’s B has huge AOE to get assists easier :slight_smile:

Apparently I’ve played with you and boy was that match frustrating (not your fault, I blame celeste).

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Which matchThis text will be blurred

Well at least you’re in Vainglorious. Have you quit 3v3 ranked?

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I quit VG to ML/AoV because I got bored of 3v3 then I come back when they release 5v5

The Skye from the top match was me. Lets just say that Celeste thought it would be better idea to do measly damage at level 1 to a turret than to fight the enemy Ardan, Sam and Cath invading our jungle for the wp buff. This happened for 3-4 rotations, I think I only managed to get the wp buff in the 4th rotation. The Celeste did get fed and do alot of damage late game but overall it was such a frustrating game.

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Dont worry Sam Cath and Ardan were on party. I stole their WP buff 2 times but Adagio was a bit too scared to invade their WP buff. I was all running top and mid constantly and helped Celeste secure all CP buff but clearly their Taka had better rotations than our Fortress. We were all soloQ people so handling a 3-man invade is hard ofc.

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Oh I didn’t know they were in a party. Yeah I knew apart from me and fort you guys were doing pretty well and all of us were lategame heroes we had a good chance for a comeback but early game just frustrating. A fed celeste is still a game winner easpecially with a lorelai so had to suck it up I guess.

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Fort failed to apply pressure to that Cath I think, if Cath was constantly low she wouldnt have joined Sam and Ardan.

Actually cath was low half the time. It was jungle pressure from Ardan and Samuel we coudn’t contest. Our lane was also doing fine until all three made rotation and destroyed the turret at that point though fortress wasn’t there so it was an easy take for them.