I'm hating Vainglory right now

OMG, the people I’m getting grouped with are terrible. They feed like crazy. In the case we drop 4/5 of the opposing team they push the mid lane instead of taking the dragons. Then they keep pushing till they get killed and the opposing team takes both dragons. I see it every other game.

Take the dragons!!! Again take the dragons!!!

If for any other reason so the opposing team can’t.

Don’t keep pushing the mid lane. Once the push is up don’t keep fighting after the enemy team buys items and engages fresh, farm their jungle and yours then item up again.

Again take the dragons!!!

OMG, it’s not that different from 3v3.

Stop over extending!!

…and take the fucking dragons!!!

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Don’t SoloQ team up with friends or other players it’s the best way to play now. I win most of my games

Yeah, I know that’d be the ideal but I try to stay away from group stuff because then I would get too consumed.

See you say this, but last night I solo carried a team in 5v5; we managed to ace them, there response was to push the dragon whilst I walked into the vain crystal and took it down single handed.

Pushing the dragon wasn’t the smart play.

It is when your team is hard feeding. This Yolo queue thing drives me nuts. Semc should really base the death timers on the frequency of how much someone dies instead of where the game timer is.


That would reward good safe plays and punish feeders.

That would make soloq hell where no one would leave the safety of their turrets. And then run away rather than defend it… Coz… Y’know, they might DIE.

You want SAWs pushing turrets. Not farming under his own turret forever.

I solo the dragons. and hope somebody joins in. Usually somebody does…

its a learning curve, they just don’t know when to do it and if they can.

Any Wp with life steal will be able to solo the dragons as long as you got armor.
No armor… shame on you…

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This sums it up.

If you’re playing well. And if your teammates have noticed you. They will follow. It’s all you can hope for right now in soloq. You can’t waste time checking whether they want to do a Dragon or not. If you’re confident enough, go for it.

Soloq is always about getting people to trust your judgement. And you only get a tiny window of opportunity to show them how trustworthy you are. And then hope for the best.


I do this all the time. It’s usually me at a quarter health on a laner over an Ardan who is trying to play like a carry.

Most of the time people come to my lane because I’m the only one who defends it right, and they let there turrets fall to defend ans/or fight on a lane that doesn’t need it.

Thus I have to rotate to the less defended lane, and they follow. Leading by example backfires a lot too.

Its really happening to everybody, and this, not even an exaggeration. I feel the same way multiple times. But really, no need to hate, you will regain mmr and will be paired with similar players, eventually. For now, just party up.

if this happen to you then this happen to your opponent too
that’s standard rule.

Starting to lean towards doing that

3.0 is the worst patch I’ve ever experienced. 5v5 is absolute trash. I’m taking a break till they fix the match maker.

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