If I wrote voice lines for my Hero Ideas as well as Lore would you like to check it out?

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So for those of you who do read my hero ideas, you may notice on some heroes I’ve sneaked in some voice lines for them. I already have ideas of how some of those heroes should sound like. I also want to flesh out my heroes a lot more storywise so people can explore their worldview in greater detail instead of the usual biography I provide that doesn’t add much. Let me know if that is something you will be excited for or not with both your polls as well as YOUR COMMENTS.

I’ve already had lore planned out for 1 character with more on the way depending on how much people would like that idea. I will admit sometimes my writing lacks finesse so any help as always will be heavily appreciated.

I’m also considering maybe hiring some voice actors to voice some of the character lines. But that’s a story for another day.


I love reading hero ideas, anything like this voicelines or reference photos and such make them so much more realistic and enjoyable to read.


I cannot say that I speak for everyone here, but, I speak for everyone here when I say you’d be silly to think any of us wouldn’t want to see more creativity!


That’s actually a really cool idea I’m definitely stealing it :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually made a desert hero , abilities and perk , voice lines and lore
And I was about to post it in the old forum then boom , semc had announced idris and for some reason I didn’t post it and lost the note , I will read if the hero interesting .