Idris's Stamina

Since anka is perma ban (reeeeee) I thought I’d try out some other assassins. I got idris’s skin from the event (somehow) and decided to go wp. Man, he can do some great damage. My only real problem with him is honestly i can’t just cdr ability shock enemies.

So stamina gets improved by 50% of energy regen and 10% of energy bought. What about ssw? Does the energy retrieved from it’s passive count towards energy regen, so 12 energy = 6 stamina regen? it’s passive 3 turns into 1.5 for sure, but It is unclear if the energy actually helps him.

I’d like to regain stamina fast, since cdr will do virtually nothing due to perk 1 sec cdr. The only problem is waiting for stamina.

I’d also to do this wp, because of the dash and overall preference.

Any tips appreciated. Thanks!

The energy recover from its perk when AAing doesn’t get converted into stamina, at least not from what I’ve seen.

How sure are you about that? according to the description of Spellsword and his perk, it should work exactly as OP described.

I know SSw for lance converts to stamina. So how is Idris different?

Idk, but every time I’ve played him with SSW the energy regen from that perk doesn’t get converted from what I could see, though I may be mistaken as it’s auite hard to see thank to him also recovering stamina from AAs.

I think the reason why it’s so hard to see a visible result of Spellsword is Idris has a long CD on his A and his B recovers 15 stamina when it connects with heroes, miners and mythic creatures.

So if you can consistently land his B, he should have enough stamina to use his A whenever it is up. Also, he already recovers 10 stamina and reduces CD by 1 second per AA.

His recommended build has BP and PS for attack speed, so he gets the attack speed and by unlocking his melee divergent path, he should recover stamina quite nicely.

SSW energy regen does not work on non energy heroes


Okay to summarize, the best way to gain stamina is just to have lots of attack speed and land hits because item wise, stamina can’t be improved?


Yes. Attack Speed is the best way.

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