Idris balancing

His move speed feels a tad slow… and his blink feels short…

I play WP idris… I know he can be a monster late game… but getting there is such a chore…

having only 1 blink really hinders his sustain . I’m not sure which feature should be buffed… but i feel like he needs one…

Maybe lower the CD of his Shroudstep A… or Increase his movement speed from 3.4 to 3.5… or increase the range of his blink by just a tiny bit…

More crazy idea’s - Give him 2 blinks (imagine the combo’s you could pull)…

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If his early/mid game gets buffed his late game def needs some kind of nerf. He would become way too strong


I’m not sure he needs anything right now. He feels pretty good as a late game carry.


He doesn’t need lowered CD on anything now, it is good as it is and can be reduced by AA. His movt speed feels a bit clunky because he doesn’t get passive movt speed like other assassins (taka, koshka). They can increase his barrier scaling on A though, it feels a bit weak going into late game and requires micromanaging his dives waiting for the barrier to get online


Do you also want his ult to one shot the enemy team as well as simultaneously destroying vain crystal from anywhere on the map?

Idris is one if the strongest late game power houses.

As mentioned above.

I just want to play him more… But I don’t because there’s just so many other heroes that are better in 5v5.

I used his ult really well on my last game. That splash damage is crazy… Probably needs a nerf. Lol.

2 charge ult to CP path? So the chakram will more wush, wush, wush, wush

At level 6 he gets an Ult that turns him invincible for the entire duration. How is that for sustain? He can survive a joule Ult in the face like that.

Do you build a lot of attackspeed?
Attackspeed lowers his CD through attacks much faster.

Nope he is super strong in both the paths right now, not S tier but definitely A atleast. He can delete squishies in under 5 seconds late game and can splitpush very well, he counters Samuel very well and sam is meta. Don’t get SM/SSW they are not that good with idris, go with SB,BP core and then TB/TM/PS and watch his damage

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Do I need to highlight text? I did mention that i know he’s a monster late game.

Problem is I play overly aggressive and always aim to finish by the mid game stage.

I totally agree that he’s strong late game. Geez people… no reading?

I have to agree that his movement on the large map feels very very slow.

I wish his Chakram used a similar mechanic as Ozo’s Acrobounce where the damage scales. Something like every time it returns to Idris the scaled damage increases by 10%. The idea is to have him really play around that core skill. Right now it’s a poke tool.

He’s a power house late game, doesn’t need a buff imo
He scales very well into the late game, and can delete squishes instantly late game

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Err… so you want to buff/alter an already strong hero so he better suits your personal preferences? Sounds legit.

Idris has his spike the moment he gets his first t3 item, and escalates from there. If that isn’t fast enough for you, pick another hero. Complaining that late-game heroes can not finish games fast enough via hyper-aggression is just…

Edit: Whops, Airalin beat me to it.