Ideas to Help New Players

Now ever since Vg was released it was and still is an amazing game however it always had a problem with the introduction of touch play mechanics (tapping to move) it always gave new players to the game a hard time as they are not used to it as supposed to joystick control so this thread im making is for both the spring contest and hopefully a new way for Vg to teach new players how to properly play the game.

Minigame for basic mechanics in Vainglory

Now one of the ideas i had was what if SEMC were to make a gamemode which could benefit the player.
An example of this would be a side stepping minigame where players will play a certain amount of rounds where difficulty is increased in every round…this could help them A) Learn and get use to Vg’s Tap mechanics B) Actually help them to last hit properly while using Different Heroes e.g Kinetic , Ringo , Kensei etc

Because as far as i’ve seen new players theyre used to games where gold is given for free even if you dont kill the minions (Mobile legends Aov HE etc) while games give them the easy life vainglory is more of a manual labor game where last hitting is probably the 2nd or 3rd things a player should learn when playing Vg (Since a majority of mobile moba players dont really play mobas from pc where last hitting is always important like LoL) now if you just make it into like a normal gamemode a lot of lazy players would just ignore it.

To make it more interesting for them to learn the mechanics would be to give them rewards for completing the minigame and by rewards i dont mean glory i mean something new that the devs could implement to the game A new Point system that new players could use to exchange for certain goodies like i dunno a 1hour glory boost card? maybe if the player collected like 300points they get a 1hr glory boost card or they can exchange it for glory? just to keep them interested.

Dummies in game

The second thing that i always see in game are the the fact that new players dont generally read the skills of certain heroes or even items properly like when to use them or what items to buy to counter certain heroes (poison shiv counter ozo) so what im proposing is what if SEMC where to create a Dummy Bot for players to use and they have control over those Dummy Bots like they can spawn ally Dummies to test out healing skills like lyra’s A or Shields like Ardans Gauntlet and lorelais Bubble.

Players could use these dummies to test out certain heroes damage on enemies or support uses for allies
like heals and items like blocks and fountain. And if SEMC could be a bit more energized make it so you can Spawn Bots of Heroes in Vg along side spawning the dummies and players could have the option to turn on the bots ai difficulty give it gold for it to build items with increase their levels and auto level skills if they want so players could test out damage on those heroes wether it’d be damage or healing and shielding.

I know people are gonna say “why not just use bot match” problem is players just wanna see how much they can deal with their builds and not waste time farming gold and levels just to see their minions finish the game making it not worth their time.

Making Vg Fire a secondary page like VGG pro
The idea is simple maybe SEMC could make a page in lobby accessible like Vgg pro where they can see builds and skill overdrives of heroes and maybe players could have access to this page on the Dummy Bot Mode for them to test other peoples builds in Vg Fire (make it so its only accessible in the Dummy Gamemode). Also maybe for pc users it can be open as a secondary page…and on Mobile Phones its like a button that sends you to the VgFire page without interupting your connection to the game

Final thought

And yeah these are just a few of the ideas i had in mind now i just wanna say that these ideas are both for Pc and Mobile Phones so…yeah hopefully the devs could read this and maybe add it to their idea pile.

My personal opinion in learning heroes is people who wants to learn how to use their heroes need to play soloq 3v3 you can learn how to lane , how to jungle , how to roam , then you can take your hero/role to 5v5 , because you dealing with less heroes easy to calculate damage given/taken , smaller map learning rotations and map awareness .

I honestly don’t know if i started playing this game with 5v5 What would happen , because it’s a chaos and team game , it doesn’t matter if you need to do this and that with your hero , your team there just hit the abilities and a team going to win , in 3v3 you going to see smarter fight strategies and better engaging/disengaging .

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I can see and understand from your reply yes its better for players to learn on 3v3 as you stated its more controllable however my post was specifically geared towards New players meaning that since patch 4.0 the only way to access 3v3 is either bllitz which is inefficient due to how talent works and Aram which again is inefficient due to Talents and New players wont be able to access soloq until they have enough heroes and a high enough level to even access soloq so New Players have to learn the game from 5v5 which means they arent used to Vg’s tapping mechanics and how the heroes function properly the idea on the thread i made was to help those new players get used to vgs mechanics and its heroes. And hopefully to properly train them so we dont have to see try hards trying to win the game by themselves just because they think that the hero their using could win the game

Again, our forum contest is not one hosted by SEMC, in hopes of suggestions and feedback for the betterment of the game.

It is a contest to encourage the creation of useful threads that can be used by various players, related to Vainglory. This can be hero or meta guides, a Youtube strategy series, a video showing how to block every ult as a captain, etc. - not suggestions and feeback

As of right now, this is a completely community run forum, with no SEMC devs here. We are looking to benefit users who already play the game, not better the game itself ( although there are plenty of ideas on how to do so here )

owh i thought this was forum that has devs in it…so should i take down my thread? just say the word i’ll do it

Cough cough Ringo’s Gold Mine cough

It was a simple yet effective game mode that taught last hitting and stutter stepping but it was removed due to the community (not the forums but VG playerbase) for not using it enough if I remember correctly.

They could have made it relevant for the lower players by making a daily quest for it but it was lost in the sands of time.

yeah was gonna mention that but uh…well it was really ineffective sure it taught how to stutterstep but uh…it was stutterstepping for ringo and since different heroes has different basic attack animations well…it kinda failed in a sense since it didnt have the feature of using other heroes to learn how to stutter step

There is NO forum that any devs participate in these days. They apparently see Reddit as an adequate way to communicate with the community. :roll_eyes:

reddit huh…i see sad that vg forums has no devs since this one has a lot of great ideas for actually improving the game reddit just sometimes trolls xD

But isnt that why we have the practice mode for…

As I stated before, Ringos Gold Rush was primarily made for last hitting but it also could have served as a environment for those who used it for stutterstepping (thats how I learned to SS).

In the end, to the where I pointed out, there could be better ways to teach something about mechanics like that instead of a video.