Ideas for 4.0 update

hello guys

i want to suggest about healing flask
make new flasks that we can chose in hero selection

1- red flask increase wp dmg and atk speed

2- white flask increase health and armor and and shield

3- blue flask increase move speed for 6s

4- yellow flask give you barrier for short period of time

5- black flask make enemy bleed for short period of time

i hope this will show more skills for players

Something along these lines might actually come in. If you look at other MOBAs they have similar thing like this like spells in Mobile legends.

But then are you ok with taking ideas that other games have?

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Want a item tree expansion

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amen to that…


vainglory taking heroes idea from lol
im ok with flasks idea because its expand more strategy and combos

vainglory really needs items
especially wp tree and cp tree

More utility WP and CP items would be greatly appreciated especially with defense items being added left and right

cp and wp buff dictates the meta
they tell you loud that you should go cp midlane

plz remove them…

These are basically alternative contracts. I like the contracts, and think they are rather underrated, so maybe adding a few more and buffing the ones we already have may be a good idea, but I think we should keep them as early game items that you sell later rather than have them in a separate slot.