Idea for update 4.0 #2

i tried a lot of mobas league of legends , mobile legends , heroes evolved and planet of heroes

i want talk about runes system
what if vainglory use talents as runes for heroes
every hero have 3 rune to pick
talents upgrade removed
glory refund of course for those used glory to upgrade

for example ( runes state are same for all players )
you have 3 rune to pick

first one as R talants increased barrier by 20% (for who love play supp)

2 -rune as E talents increased B ability dmg 30% (jgl ardan as meta)

3- rune as L talents for who want more utility for your team

you can use one only

another exp


1- as R talent (for those who like old koshka before rework
2- as E talent increased B barrier (tank koshka)
3 as L talent increased duration of stun (some runes \ talents need reworked )
(all runes are free for all player )
i hope they make this

new heroes price 160001250080004500 because i feel it to easy to get heroes
and removed this
new heroes is only unlockable with ICE for the first 14 days**
when new hero released you buy it with glory or ice
sorry for bad english

Your English is ok. Lol anything besides what they have now for talents, especially the paid lvl up system, is better. I’ve been advocating a similar idea for a while now but no signs of change so…fk it, don’t really care.

You really dont need two threads about the same topic tbh…


Adding that rune system to the basic modes would most likely turn more people away than the current talents have already done due to the nature of them breaking or making the heros op more than it should. Unless I over complicated myself ok reading your ideas.

Legendary talent Skye in 5v5? Bro she would be top tier since it would hit E V E R Y T H I N G in front her A which could take down entire teams.

I think you need to refine your ideas as they are only (imo) thinking about the smaller picture (or the rune thingy atleast).

No hate just wanted to bring up that

edit: I think you’re trying to add the Heros of the Storm aspect into Vg (talents) but to do that, most of the talents would have to be reworked imo.

of course some talents \runes need reworked like L skye

and state of every runes need reworked because talents are op

new state like this

first runes as R talents every stun give you 0.1%wp and 0.1%cp
2 runes as epic talents when use your B and basic atk enemy all abilities cd down by 5%
3- runes as L talents your cc duration increased by 10%( i rework this talent /rune )

ok when pick first rune you can play cath as top or jgl
if you pick 2nd one you can use your ability more frequently
and if you pick last rune you will help your team with good cc
we want more strategy in game and i think this will help a lot

lol I think this is more representative of how absolutely fked talent balance and reason is than his idea to implement them in main game modes. If talents were actually realistically balanced his idea could work. I agree with you that it would turn people away but that’s because few people want to put up with talents seriously or find them fun once they’ve dealt with high lvl talents except the user, not because it’s a bad idea in theory.

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Ok first, you could’ve put both ideas in the same thread…

To the point though: I don’t agree with this tbh. Like most people, I’ve never liked talents (although I have to admit I have used them) and adding them to all modes would be cancer.

Equally, I dislike runes in LoL. I just don’t like the idea of some players having an advantage over others just because they have been playing for longer. It reduces the skill aspect of the game, and adds a luck aspect, which really shouldn’t exist in Mobas (Even crit is pushing it, although VG has dealt with that quite well imo)


[quote=“MacAulay, post:6, topic:5106”]
. I just don’t like the idea of some players having an advantage over others just because they have been playing for longer.
[/quote] league reworked all runes and make it free for all players
lol runes best thing in league i can try a lot of strategy
plus i say talents state are op and if they make talents as runes they must make it balanced and some need reworked
BTW all runes are free not pay to win like talents

I’m one of those, even if they were reworked and balanced I would hate them, and if they are added to the main modes I would leave. I hate too much the talents to accept them (even if they are different).

I respect your opinion but vainglory become boring
i want more strategies in game
i want more items
i really want runes system
add spells or anything make game more fun and enjoyable

i really like vg and i quit lol for it
but vg start make ugly things like hats (if they work to make more itmes rather than make this ugly hats)


Hear hear. I mean I don’t mind the hats myself, but I’d definitely like the meaningful changes first.

no one request this hats
i request vg since 2016 focus make more items like 1 item per update but noooooo they make this ugly hates lol