I want to play VG again

I made a post while ago about my problems with the amazon app store version of VG: basically it’s stuck on the 3.8.1 version and no matter how many times I clear caches, restart, download and delete, it won’t let me download a recent version of VG. When I open the app, it gives me the update required screen and takes me to the store where there’s no update to be found. PC for me is unplayable and I’ve missed so much I just want to get back into it.

Should I try to send a ticket? Does this even sound like an app problem or just a device one? I’m reluctant to factory reset the device, but maybe that would fix it?

I miss vg please help :sob:

What device are u trying to play on

Kindle fire 8.

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Somebody help this man (or woman!) He’s a good soul. :slight_smile:

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I think you can download the apk + obb manually from the web.

https://apkaward.com/vainglory-5v5 for example, it’s uploaded at multiple places.

If I download that I can’t open the file. Is there another thing that is required to open it? I really don’t want to start downloading a bunch of random stuff I don’t understand…

Yeah I remember I responded there , I think factory reset worth a try .

You can’t install the apk or you can’t open the game after it’s installed? Didn’t double check the apk validity, but there are atleast 5 different sites with apk+obb combo (the latter is a zip that contains the big data file and should be extracted to exact folder, that is listed in the sites com.superevilmegacorp or smth like that located in: internal memory - android - obb).

download this (its essentially another “google play store” where you can download apps you normally wouldnt be able to download from the play store because of device requirements) and then reinstall VG through this. it worked for me seeing as i had to do the same thing. I made a thread about it when the update realeased My problem with 3.9. Theres the link i gave as well as the vg download link. download this one first. then VG.

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VG is downloading now! Thank you!

You’re welcome!


I remember using aptoide during early days.
It’s just an app like play store that automatically downloads APK and OBB file so you don’t have to extract and move stuff .
Does that not work anymore?