I want to leave this game forever

I do really really want to leave this game forever. But…it is not that easy. I have spend much money for this game, maybe >$200, just because i love this game. It has been almost three years i play this game and i feel like disappointed.
My ranked match is just trapped in low tiers forever. Maybe i am stupid but im not noob. I am not bad player and never go afk or trolling. I go soloQ as long as i played and this is hard. I was in some guilds but none is cooperative. I played with some good friends but mostly they have left this game and moved to other mobas. So i feel alone in this game.

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Well, you can always try meeting people from here, the main VG discord coughs or Reddit chokes. Soloque is not for the feint of heart.

If you think its skill that is an issue, some peeps will help ya out if you ask.
Don’t let sunken cost direct your decisions. Its a game, you should enjoy it.


Hmmm. I feel sorry for you. But why don’t you try party to ranking? I soloq too, and I’m stuck at tier 7 xD
Feel free to find a nice party or guild, The lower section in this forums have a guild recruiter, with voice chat to improve your party play. Maybe try those to but if you want to leave that bad…
I cannot say anything more than a nice good bye…

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I mean I dunno how u play, so I do not like having to say “git gud”, but if you’re stuck in low tiers then you just have to improve yourself more. If you’re a cap main set that aside and use carry or jungle and go cap whe u get into higher tiers Then again when I was low tier I did not trust anyone to be captain, or roamer back when I was low tier kek. I got to PoA Gold mostly from soloq, but I am probably just luckier with my teams than you are and ALSO probably cause I am the best heccing Grace and Tako in NA.

I have quit this game 5x over soloque being that bad.

5v5 rank will probably be a big improvement because carrying is easier there.

Improve your own performance win or lose. Focus on yourself as a team player aiming to win. What can you do to meet the win conditions. Post some end game screenshots maybe we can help you.

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Ok guys thx for the reply…

I will just contemplate anything about what i have done in vg for this long time.

Sup Bro… you’re in SEA i SEE… party up with me…

Solo Q in the Ocean of Trolls requires a mighty Soul to survive the Massive tidal waves and rough weather - created by lag, bad players, afk’ers and just pirates that steal away your ELO…

Aint no other place to BEE than the Mighty Region of SEA… We’ve been through it all… to hell n back…

I’ll hold your word that you never give up, Coz i never give up… not even 9 turrets down.


Know your pain. The rank you lose from each loss is painful. I’ve added countless people that aren’t horrible but can’t make it out of low tiers & quit the game because they aren’t winning every single match. Even winning 2 out of 3 does little for your climb.

Try finding a team if you can, or using hard carry/high sustain heroes if you can. Don’t play support even if your team has no support. Don’t listen to your teamates if they die & tell you to rush a kill or objective. Play jungle as much as possible, even if you’re a laner. That’s the best I can recommend for getting out of low tiers with Solo Q. That and finding a team.

Well thx for your suggestion.

Anyway i have done all your suggestion btw. I played sustain hero but mostly i was paired with players who are coward and awkward to initiate attack the enemy. That drove me crazy and of course i was forced to initiate the attack. When I attacked the enemy, both my allies were behind me and didnt understand the rolling. When i diedand when i was still respawning, they died one by one. I felt that there was no understanding and communication in my team. I looked so stupid and i became feeder just to attack the enemy. This morning i paired with CP Ringo (i hate CP Ringo so much) and he was so stupid with Cath unable to push the lane. I was Taka and both of them were so clueless. CP Ringo was very idiot and Cath didnt understand how to spam Flare and Contraption (Taka was my enemy). This was frustrating.

Yeah, when your teamates just hang back and ping you to initiate because you’re sustain or carry it can be hard.

Try using heroes like Alpha, Skaarf, Baptiste, Celeste, Reim, Grumpjaw, Krul, Rona, Samuel, Baron (CP), Flicker (CP). A harder one is Reza. These kinds of heroes can do a lot of work by themselves against entire enemy teams.

Main thing in solo Q is to pick heroes that have strong AOE abilities, or good dashing to get in and out of fights. My best recommendations for solo Q right now are Baptiste, Grumpjaw, and Reza, but you really gotta build right for all those, and learn how to kite really well. I go 20+kills and less than 5 deaths as Reza constantly in solo but I’ve spent a lot of time since he’s been released learning how to build and play with him.

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Today i just picked Taka because in casual i won a lot, but days ago i prefer alpha or wp grace. Maybe today is just bad day…lol

Well you right dude…as you can read my salty thing, expresses how SEA is.
SEA is a cursed server…lol

What tier level are you? You should be able to carry yourself into draft by abusing meta hero’s… if you’re not in draft yet then you need to look at what your doing wrong, it’s not always your team mates.

For example you mention CP Ringo (I’m not a big fan I feel your pain) were you rolling CP Taka? If you were why? It’s possibe to double CP but your making thins easier for the opposition… if you can’t counter your double at this level then you have a skill problem.

Personally advocating maiming 3-5 hero’s, clinb then increase your hero poolz

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If you are SEA, I can play with you on a smurf. I’ll help you get to higher tiers, as well as giving some advice.

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Wow thank you…so you can tell me what is your IGN

I feel you man. I have played this game for a little over 2 years and I have had numerous moments where I came this close to quitting because of a lot of bad matches. I did nothing but soloq and everyone told me to party up but it wasnt easy for me since I didnt have friends. I was stuck in T6 for almost a year, T7 for about 4 months, and I was always being trolled into T5 on and off. (my most tragic moment was being 1 match away from T8 but then being trolled all the way down to T6 and the next day T5. lol)

Easiest solution was to go out, get myself noticed by some people, and hope to make friends. I chatted with some people on twitch mostly and managed to find some decent people who were willing to help me out and party with me all the time.

Now I never play soloq and I usually always have friends to party with and while my win rate isnt exactly higher (im counting down the days to ranked in 5v5 lol) I am at least playing with people who I know arent gonna let me down. The key is just to make some friends man. Chatting on discord, twitch streams, reddit, these forums, even (despite how a lot of people talk down on this platform) chatting in mobcrush streams can help you to find friends to party with and theres usually always someone who can help you out with your performance.

Good Luck man and I hope you find people to party with!


Tell me your IGN, depending on your rank I’ll have to use different smurfs.

My name in this forum is my ign in vg. Thx

Do you have discord?
Add me: Lies#9180

Done…i message you in discord