I think my skills have improved


After having a conversation with my wallet and constant effort in improving my MS paint skills I have finally advanced myself to dabble in the world of Photoshop
This… Is my beautiful creation :heart_eyes:

Fear not I will work to make a 2K version soon for all of you elitists out there :vgcheersx3:

If there are any requests please talk to my supervisor

I am not liable for any loss of brain cells, will to live, dank memes, pro-strats, hate, or any other form of scum and villainy that my spawn from this.


do they charge for torrents, now?


he is beutiful. please ask you supervisor to change the colour of the back ground so that i can view the axe. i also request a flicker, malene, petal or alpha picture. thank you and good night. DO NOT forget the sunscreen. i hope you enjoyed my presentation jazz hands


Omg can we have his face as an emote!

Hes so freaking adorable and somehow I didnt lose any brain cells surprisingly.

@Geenmen You have to make more :heart_eyes:


Only the ones you shouldn’t be looking at in work :wink:

Say no more.

My supervisor didnt give me a raise to do it so…

He lectured me on dropping my quality so now i gift you this

Ninja edit


i found a user card background thank you your supervisor should give you 200000000000% raise


May I request BlackFeather next?


I would like to request Catherine for my profile picture, please and thank you


You did this not me



:joy: Thank you

Honestly the hat, though


This topic is pure gold :goldtoad:


gold gold gold for real haha :smiley:


Hum… Vox? He is like an Orange spaghetti XD


I think you should close the thread , he no way improved like that , all the stuff here are stolen , we are now seeing the future of in game art leaked , move it to broken pipe atleast .


Cant say i didnt try!



This text will be blurred


Now do Fort, Grace, and Phinn. Make all of them. Make this a successor to @DIMTI’s high quality hero drawings post…but in C O L O R


ozo plis :ozo:


Phinns secretly a wookie
No joke according to photoshop most of his skin is brown

SEMC plz Wookie skin for Phinn 2018!