I support vgforum on PATREON?


i support vgforum on PATREON but i know how to connect with vgforum and show badges at vgforum : )


First, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! :new_heart:

Second, if you’ve used the same email at Patreon that you used here on the forums, you’ll be automatically be awarded the Patreon badge and group membership the next time the routine runs – you don’t need to do anything.


And, it looks like it already updated you!


thx you i’m sign up PATREON same email on vgforum and connect with facebook : )



Again, thank YOU! I just added you to the Supporter Honor Roll as well!


I rather pay for the forum than for the game itself.


Forum for the win.


THANK YOU! Added you to the supporters page as well! I checked that your email matches, so should get the Patreon badge shortly!


And THANK YOU as well! You’ve been added to the supporters page, and your email matches also, so you’ll get the Patreon badge the next time the routine runs!


Is that what this pink bubble by our names means? Happy to support a community effort.


Yup, you are now part of the cool club :happy:


For just a dollar a month you too can help @HipsterSkaarf get his daily avacado toast in the morning. Arms of the Angel starts playing


I may not play much anymore and Iv been stalking the forums but id say this place is worth it :vgcheersx3:
Enjoy your coffee @hazeleyes


Lol, it’s the Patreon logo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



THANK YOU, kind sir! :new_heart: