I still haven't gotten the update.. NA

so the update doesn’t come at the same time for everyone?

It’s been out in NA for hours … try refreshing whichever store you’re checking

What country are you in?

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Have you dragged down on the update section if you’re using iOS?

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US… okay i’ll do that… thank you

thank you @hazeleyes and @Alhunt, i got the update!

quite silly i was able to play all day without the update.


They changed the mechanism for updates a few patches ago: there’s no longer any downtime, because there’s a second set of servers that are brought online when the patch goes live. The servers running the previous patch aren’t shut down immediately, so people who haven’t updated can still connect and play while the updated client rolls out across all app stores and regions. Once rollout is complete, the servers running the older version are taken offline. At that point, you can no longer connect to the game without the updated client.