I really think 5v5 MatchMaking has improved drastically

My test case is EU SoloQ ranked at PoA silver this weekend. Here are 7 matches in a row. I feel like dodging has become rampant, but other than that my matches were not too bad matchmaker wise.


Matchmaking has definitely been way better for me aswell. Barring a few hiccups in off peak hours, which is to be expected.

But the dodging has been driving me crazy. However I have noticed improvement since they reinstituted punishments for dodgers. (From the information I had they turned off the LPQ for dodging when a lot of players were recieving it for game bugs, causing a lot of intentional dodging. But it is functioning again now.)

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Same here. Finally getting balanced games in ranked. Cas MM is bad tho, but it’s cas

I have to agree I noticed a qualitiative shift early this week. In fact I have one match in solo where the spread between all ten players is no more than 60 VST - one of the tightest most fun games I have had on live tbh.

Yeah I’ll concur the MM is significantly better in the last 4/5 days, but dodging is / was an issue… at least 50% of games never get started. Hopefully that’ll start to improbve.