I need a team (SEA)

I am looking for a few player to play with. Here are the requirements:

  1. Must be in tier 5 gold or tier 6 in 3v3

  2. Can be flexible in picking positions and can play more than seven heroes e.g. carry, jungler and captain

  3. Speak English

If you are interested please reply. It would be great if you would have discord as well.

P.S I will mainly be playing 3v3 ranked

I don’t mind partying with you!
TadashiN - Tier 7 Silver, highest Tier 8 silver after Elo Drop. (3V3)
- Tier 9 Bronze (5v5)

I mainly use support heroes except Ardan, Fort and Flicker.
I can play as carries and jungles too!

I am not sure if I can play with you, due to the three tier difference in rank, but I would love to play with you. I am only in tier 6 bronze unfortunately… Do you have discord?