I looked around the 5v5 map

The beauty of the Halcyon Fold has yet to be surpassed.

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That is your opinion i peacefully disagree with your opinion.

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Man the waterfall, the waterfall.

Tbh when I was using the spec client to watch the scrims between TSM, Renegades and Rox Armada I did spend about 10 minutes exploring off the edge of the map - its amazing how much detail is there out of sight.

I did also spend about five minuts zoomed in staring at that waterfall - its amazing.


The 3v3 map still looking on point

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It’s gonna take me a while to not get distracted by all these nice visuals.

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The 5v5 map has some spectacular sights. But when you look back at the 3v3 map, and actually look at it, there’s a lot of amazing stuff already there.
The most objective thing that I can compare is the ground textures.
Note how high-quality the Fold’s are; even zoomed in, they don’t look blurry or pixelated. They are shockingky high definition. Meanwhile, the Rise’s ground textures are noticeably blurry even with the camera zoomed really far out.

sorry if you have to view imgur in-browser. can’t really see it well then :frowning:

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but 3 mil polygons op op op op op op op

I have to agree. The Rise seems a little empty to me (albeit very good-looking anyways). It’s still way better than any other mobile MOBA.
Maybe this has to do with the limited power of some devices, but remember that some element have yet to be added (like the Gold Toad), so visuals may very well be changed until 3.0, and even then they have a history of updating map visuals very often.


I completely agree with @PopcornOne – I find the Fold to be exquisite, while the map for the Rise isn’t quite as captivating. (Though yes, @idmonfish, that waterfall is spectacular!)

There are touches on the Fold that are missing on the Rise: the way the light changes subtly as you leave the left platform and move out into the lane is just breathtaking … it’s sublime.

Although beautiful, the Rise is missing that kind of lovely detail, I think.

Waterfall machine broke :confused:


real question is why does ghostwing’s fire give you mortal wounds, and the two dragons both make grumpjaw noises

“Happy little visuals.” (Bob Ross voice)


When Blackclaw is pushing and breathes fire the sound effect is half of Reim’s Valkyrie sound effect. Nice recycling

One thing that I always adored about the Fold was the animations when you destroy the Vain Crystal and they do both (as they are distinct red v blue side) still look amazing to my eye. I need to check the new animation(s) and see if they compare but those I watched in the Alpha looked frankly plain in comparison.

Overall the Rise does look amazing but I feel there is a lot of polish missing and thus I’m very hopeful for 3.0 as only then are we looking at the finished product.

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This, also the game runs really well on my htc M8 (sd 801). They really made it smooth as the 3vs3.

You have your quality on medium. Go into your settings and put the quality on high or auto… also I have learned,you do not get fog of war unless high quality is turned ON

Thanks, I ended up figuring that out though :stuck_out_tongue:

Bro i don’t agree with that, i use medium quality and FoW is still there, even if i put it to low sometimes.


The quality settings differ per device. One device’s low could be another’s high.