I Keep on Disconnecting for no Reason

For some reason, I keep on disconnecting from the servers, despite the fact that I’m clearly connected to the internet. And this wasn’t a one time occurence, this happened many times this morning. The screenshot below is but one of the many incidences that got me downvoted for going afk.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S5, and it’s running Android 6.0.1.

First thing is first clear out all of the running apps to minimize rame issue. Make sure your wifi isn’t dropping out. If wifi isn’t dropping and no background apps report the bug to semc

Signal : Low
using wifi / 3g
not even 4g? Multitasking how many apps?

There’s alot of apps that Autoupdate whenever wifi is connected. or upload data, or run scans… or whatever…

I would close all apps, force close if needed and only run VG. then check that you’re the only one on the wifi network. or switch to 3g/4g data.

@Ve3nNo0wM @Satanicsoldier When this was happening, VG was the only app running, and I don’t even have cellular data, despite my screenshot saying otherwise. Autoupdate was already off when this happened.

Doesn’t matter, just do it. My device used to do it also.

Restart. run VG.
restart. run VG.
Restart. Run Vg…
eventually, your device will “learn” that VG is “priority” over any other app.

Also another tip, that you can choose to believe or not. Get rid of any “antivirus” or “cleanup” apps. they just chew up ram and litterally do nothing except give you false hope.

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I personally keep 90% of my appy on force sleep when not using even some system apps but that is because i hate ram hogs